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Ron Paul can't win unless you sort out election fraud.

People Listen!

I am from the UK, and I have watched your last two elections with interest.

Now I want to tell you something that WILL scare you.

Your elite do not want RON PAUL to win. No surprise there, eh?

Well you have a big threat, and I fear that you do not realise it. OK, so one thing I like about Americans is that you are very patriotic and positive thinking.

BUT, I think also a little naive. Why? Because you do not realise, as you are in the 'belly of the beast', and maybe can't quite believe that your country is rigged as much as it is. You are not currently 'free', at least to vote for who you want to win.

Listen. DON'T YOU FIND IT A LITTLE 'ODD' THAT RON PAUL IS ALWAYS THE 'FRONT-RUNNER', and then what happens?? Where do his votes go??

Please do not forget that your voting system has been rigged in the last 2 elections! Big time. And your system is distinctly different from other countries, hmmmm, I'll tell you why!

You have done well to avoid watching Fox lies, but if you are not aware already Rupert Murdoch is in the dock over his control over the Police and Politicians, using fear and blackmail to control people, politicians and policy.

Your biggest threat is not Perry, or Obama. Ron Paul is clearly very popular, and he was two elections ago. But your REAL PROBLEM is that your democracy and voting system is 'rigged'. Please take this seriously!

In the UK we certainly do not use VOTING MACHINES at all. Not AT ALL!! In fact ALL votes are hand counted, thats how its always been done here, and in the free world. Take a look at other countries in the world also. Use Google. Do a bit of research.

You WILL lose, if you do not monitor, catch out or change the rigging. That is why your only honest politician, yes that right WILL LOSE in a very corrupt and profitable election system.

You cannot any longer call yourselves "The worlds greatest democracy". You are not. You have been taken over by criminals and thieves. And the election fraud has been staggering. Please organise a way to stop this, and you will be free. Do this before it is too late.

You must challenge the use of these evil machines, and monitor the election. It is not 'economic sense' to use machines. How the hell do you think we afford to vote in the UK. We would NEVER use this system here, and the same in any country that is still democratic, and I know that people in the UK would simply refuse to use them.

This is one method in which you were cheated. Also there was massive loss of votes, not only in Florida but other places. Check Youtube for how it was rigged last time, and the time before. There is direct evidence of very unusual practice including the lables on ballot boxes that 'peel-off'. Crazy.

But in the US, you have cardboard ballot paper boxes. Ha ha. In the UK we have laws against this. Out ballot in General Election is on paper, hand counted, and we have huge locked METAL boxes, and we have independant people watching the counting. Its foolproof.

Your system is not only far from foolproof. I think that you have forgotten, to monitor this, and its gone a long way now into the realms of insanity. How can you fix it. Well if you don't, then you are done for. Thats all I can say.

You have already lost your currency, and the Chinese are I am afraid now going to slowly forge ahead. So don't expect to be the most powerful economy or even political force in the world any more. But don't you want your freedom??

Come on, and grow up a little bit. You cant win this back without your votes being counted. And this is YOUR no one mission right now and your no1 priority.

If you don't do it for yourselves, then at least do this for your children. And show the world that you are not the slaves of these elite that make you do their corrupt bidding in the world.

I would like to see America return to freedom and democracy, and when you do, you will have the WHOLE WORLDS support.

At the moment, the world is very suspicious of the USA, and this is a problem. Your policies are damaging to you and stability and peace in the world.

So your task is a very important one. So please, make your votes count this time.

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Thanks for the post we do see the problems This Country is Facing and that's why we are doing all we can to save it.
Also I want to point out there are two forms of winning,
1.Ron Paul wins the presidency
2.even if he didn't win for some reason, So many people are waking up and its only a matter of time before enough do to fix these problem. (sorry kidna went off there...Waking people up was the 2nd way) :)

also I am happy to hear your words from a different country it seems so often we do not get a personal view from people like yourself.

Change is good for democracy

Indeed you don't! I have been to the USA, through work, and its really mind boggling how bias your TV news is. Its like watching pure brainwashing, and I am not kidding!

I am not the type of guy to go exaggerating too much, but I remember watching your news in 2003 or something like that, in my hotel for the first time. It was full of jingoistic and militaristic rhetoric, and the bit that sticks in my mind is the similarity to war propaganda.

As you probably know, we are much more adverse to war in the UK and Europe. I think because we have experienced the millions of deaths caused by modern warfare directly.

I think that you guys underestimate the rest of the world, and I do find it confusing that you don't seek to look to the opinion or understand the motives of the other parts of the world. This isolation from understanding the world, is really not great for you, and I think you will find that there are a lot of great thinkers around the world, and WE KNOW what its going on.

I am sure some of you look at foreign TV news, or websites. In the UK you will find by looking at the BBC or Guardian for example, that we have news that you simply don't have access to. Rupert Murdoch who own Fox for example is being investigated by the UK Parliament for example, and the biggest Murdoch paper here has been SHUT DOWN! This is big news. Fox (over here called News Corporation) has been proved to by spying on MP's and police, and creating a culture of fear and corruption. I think that you might find that interesting.

But over the pond you have clear evidence of lots of unsavory things, and I think that you should follow suit. But your best way is to ensure fair elections at grass roots level. You have virtually no-one, thats NO POLITICIANS, apart from Ron Paul, who is standing up for the common man, against the gangster banks, wall street criminals, and criminal cartel who will finally bankrupt your country and reduce you to poverty. And you will have no way to stop them, when they come for you if you leave it too long. Its called Fascism, and we are very aware of it over here. It happens when corporations, and wealthy corrupt individuals seek to destroy democracy. And I think that its worth fighting.

To do this, you need to ensure that your VOTES count. And at the moment, the way in which they defraud the election is laughable. They just count on your ignorance as a populace, its mad. These machines to count votes are the way that they do it, and we don't have them. The way it is done is obvious, and the paper and money trail shows you how it is done, and the evidence is there people. You need to organise election watching and observing.

Then you have have representatives in government that will support what you want. Violent revolution, or civil war is not the best answer, and I think that you will find that your guns are a little underpowered compared to the military industrial complex in your country. Dont think that you can fight a modern, and well armed police state in your country. You must stop this now, and the founding fathers gave you the tools. These are your rights, and you have the right to ensure that the peoples voice is heard, and if you value your children's freedom, you must do this. For more information look at http://www.blackboxvoting.org/ ... And dont let Ron Paul lose all his votes again to criminals!

A few things

1. The United States is not a Democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. Democracy is mob rule.

2. BBC is full of it as often as FOX is.

"Violent revolution, or civil war is not the best answer, and I think that you will find that your guns are a little underpowered compared to the military industrial complex in your country."

It's not as simple as "the bigger gun wins". Also, you might be surprised to learn just what kinds of weapons civilians can get their hands on in this country, legally or not.

"Dont think that you can fight a modern, and well armed police state in your country."

And don't think that if the worst were to happen, that the vast majority of our military wouldn't back its citizens, and the Constitution.

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How do we end Diebold?

How do we expose the fraud?

No more hanging chads to blame it on - THAT whole lie led to the machines.

I whole-heartedly agree this is a huge problem. I also find it interesting that this problem is so obvious someone from another country can see it.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


You have the right to observe the ballot!! http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

Exit Polls

Are we precluded from setting up our own exit polls?

how about we worry about getting more senior votes first

before we stop dipping occasionally under 10% in polls while having fun talking about election fraud


To stop confusing election fraud for voter fraud.

This is IMPORTANT, please stop calling it voter fraud that is not what it is. It is election fraud it has basically nothing to do with the vote and everything to do with those controlling the election.

The PTB like it be to called voter fraud then they can refer to the very rare voter that tries to get a few extra votes and keep the light off the real problem with are those controlling the machine that decide the winner no matter how many vote.

It is ELECTION FRAUD!! stop calling it voter fraud!

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

Voter Fraud Exists...

With Paper or Electronic Machines. Now it's just easier and who cares if they rig the vote. We need to continue the message as We The People have the power and if there is enough of us, we will be the people who run the machines. If we refuse to pull the levers what can they do? Nothing!

watch the vote

No. If you listen to RP you will realise that you have something called rights.

Find out what they are.

You have the right (for now) to observe http://www.blackboxvoting.org/ ... you better do it!

Thank you for the justified

Thank you for the justified concern. In rural Ontario, the electronic voting machines are being instituted into one area after another. The silly little councils are given recommendation for these voting boxes for mail-in votes by regular staff. When I asked questions about why they would make such recommendations, no one seemed to know the answer. I also asked if council or town accepted funding from the current Ontario gov't. to institute this, I again could not get a clear answer from employed staff. This is a major concern to me and no follow-up is acted upon by local newspapers, elected officials or municipal employees. I think you are right in your assessment and Canadians are generally asleep, acquiescent and compliant on the surface. Please have Ron Paul people there when vote counting is taken place. If electronic voting is being used, then perhaps there is time to initiate scrapping them before the next election.

Front Page

IMO, this needs to be at the top of our priorities list. We should've been brainstorming about this months ago. There must be something the grassroots can do.

I don't know a lot about how the voting process works from state to state, but in my comment below, I suggested that if we have Ron Paul supporters in leadership positions in the GOP, they could somehow organize a way to keep tabs on the voting machines before the election actually takes place in their respective states and/or oversee the vote tallying in the case of paper ballots. This would ideally be in the 'most important' voting states--Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, California, etc.

Who actually counts the votes anyway, in the case of paper ballots? Seems someone once said the media does, which makes no sense to me.

If Ron Paul doesn't have the

If Ron Paul doesn't have the balls to speak out against these machines, then there is nothing we can do.

Get out there and start screaming about it

Don't you also have a pair?


RP has given you a clue. Its called the Bill of Rights.

I suggest that you all get reading it and also http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

Its not just up to Ron Paul. You have to get him elected.

It's likely already too late to change their use for an election

There would have to be court cases already in the pipe with documented proof of the fraud to secure injunctions.

And even then, I doubt it would be a sure thing to find a judge who'd issue one.

Some judges are elected by those very same machines. Or the person who appointed them was.

Good luck with that.

I think it's much easier to get elected, THEN expose the fraud. Of course, that brings into question your own election, but if that's what it takes - so be it.

Dr. Paul has defied conventional wisdom by talking about issues that are verboten, but I'm afraid this is one that can't be broached while running for office, unless of course, you're running for elections commissioner promising fair elections.

We know. It is much older than the last two elections. However

we are not a democracy, and I for one, don't want us to be one. (that's a whole 'nother topic)

You are correct. There is massive vote fraud. The elections are rigged. They are decided before hand and the actual voting is mere window dressing. It's been like this for some time - several decades at the least.

I don't see anyway to stop it. The PTB are too entrenched. We'll do the best we can, expose as much as possible, vote anyway and hope for the best, and then if that doesn't work - be ready for the collapse and ensuing revolution that is inevitable. We'll just have to make sure we are the ones who pick up the pieces and not the PTB that are already in control.

See these links below here: http://www.dailypaul.com/179218/ron-paul-cant-win-unless-you...

It can be stopped by putting pressure

on officials in charge of voting, or by taking over those posts.

Exit polling is also a good idea. Perhaps the campaign should be ready for legal battles to investigate results in known corrupt districts.

I didn't know that britain is all paper. Maybe American officials could still be shamed by comparison.

There have been many successes getting paper trails added to machines.

Check my links on the exit polling issue.

It is possible, but we'd have to do it for sure, and we have to have rules for it. As it stands, exit polling is a sham.

Usually saying "Europe does it" means people stop listening to you. Most Americans pride themselves as not doing what Europe does. And yes, that includes the UK.

I don't think any pressure could be brought to bear on election officials. Short of catching them red handed, that is. And the system is designed to mitigate that substantially.

The machines don't even have to be hacked. All that needs to happen is for the person who dumps the cartridges into the central tabulator edits the votes directly to match the pre-determined vote count (real easy since they are in spreadsheet form) and then the only record of the vote is the pre-determined count. Either only the person operating the central tabulator need be in the know, or that person already be one of the power players. And maybe you might need to "control" anyone who observes that process which most likely few do.

It really is ingenious.


Yep. Its mainly done with the tabulators.

Comprehensive information about

voting machines, which are used where, information on officials, etc.. is available at:


Get organised

Cant someone here kick start an organised verification.

All you need to do is go to the polls and demand your right to observe. Its that simple.

You HAVE THE RIGHT to do this!!!

Why is no one even getting started?! This is freedom no.1 priotity!!

You guys have really lost it!!

If Ron Paul is defeated by fraud...

this revolution will turn from a peaceful one to a violent one. Ron Paul is already saying he fears this and I believe he is absolutely right. Don't you recall the angry mob who yelled at Prince Charles and Camilla and said, "Hang them"? There is already a "Kill the bankers" website. Mobs may be a terrible thing, but they can be highly efficient when they turn on a specific group and anyone perceived to be part of that group is doomed.

Yes but how will we know? I

Yes but how will we know? I live in Washington state but last election right after the NH primaries there were people on here from NH that swore they know that NH had vote fraud but nothing happened. Ron just brushed it aside and Kucinich tried to audit the votes to no avail.I just think people are to asleep or scared.

This Is Real

You correctly describe the problem and predict the likely scenario this go around, as well.

This issue is not on track to receive the attention it deserves.

Do those who doubt this truth really believe there are not those who are capable of rigging controled demolition of the official version of just how much support Ron Paul has been building, and then control the media portrayal.

The revolutionary question for each is -- are you duped ?

Yes, but it will need to be proven.

How will we be able to prove the fraud?

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It was proven

It was proven that George W. Bush never won the 2000 Election. Al Gore got the most votes Statewide in Florida.

Election rigging in Ohio in 2004 was also proven.

The problem is that the U.S. News Media does not care. And too many people don't care either, or just close their eyes and pretend it didn't happen.

The best way to create mass apathy is to tell people that "you live in the greatest Democracy" while their rights are systemtaically destroyed each and every day.

The United States has long been a colony of the British Banking interests. This is why we've been forced to fight all of Europes Wars for them, and our once foresworn enemy (Britian) is now joined to our hip so much that we have a foreign policy based on global Imperialism.

I never celebrate the "Independence Day", because the truth is that we have no independence at all.

This is the deception. Thats

This is the deception. Thats why the media doesnt want to talk about him. Because they want everyone to think that Ron Paul doesnt have that much support. because if everyone and their cousins voted for Ron and if everyone knows that it is FACT. when they rig the elections, people will know that it was rigged.

that's how you get people to accept a rigged election. you make them think that the other guy was more popular.

I honestly don't believe it's

I honestly don't believe it's that simple. People are not that connected.

Exit Polls

What does it take to do an exit poll? Are exit polls done by "officials", or can anyone do them?