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Houston Police Are Reckless! (Video)

Gene Basler noticed police stopping speeders down the road and went to investigate. This is what happend. Stay tuned to http://www.copblock.org for a post by Gene.

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I don't

think that its "unconstitutional" for cops to enforce speeding laws. Don't get me wrong, I don't like it but doesn't it fall within the purview of the state to determine the traffic laws?

The #1 priority for Cops today is

to generate revenue first, condition the 'civilians' to submit to unconstitutional laws of authority, second, and on the ground licensed arbitrators of the 'civilians', last. The courts have ruled, they have no obligation to protect us from crime, so that can only mean they are revenue collectors/arbitrators. Though, many Cops don't agree with this agenda, like the military, they have to follow orders from ranking superiors.
I received a speeding ticket from the Pasadena, Tx police using this hide and jump out process. The Cop was hiding behind a tree in the median shooting his radar, and jumped out to wave me over to a side street. The side street looked like a drive through, with cars lined up, with several Cops writing tickets. The speed limit signs are set for a speed trap, since, there is no reason for a reduction of speed in the area.