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Ron Paul - The New GOP Frontrunner

Yesterday was US Constitution Day. In case our readers didn’t notice, there wasn’t much fanfare. That’s probably because, technically, there hasn’t been a US Constitution since President George Bush was given imperial powers with his signing of the Patriot Act. America’s mainstream media probably doesn’t want to remind America of what it’s lost over the last few years. So it’s fitting that on US Constitution Day, the only life-long defender of the US Constitution in the field, Rep Ron Paul, officially moved into the lead as the GOP’s Presidential frontrunner.

If we take all 5 Straw Polls and combine the totals, we can view a glimpse of the national picture. Awarding a first place finish 5 points through a fifth place finish of 1 point, we get the cumulative totals below from all five official Straw Polls thus far:

Ron Paul – 22 ranking points = 4.4 average finish

Rick Perry – 15 ranking points = 3.0 avg finish

Mitt Romney – 11 ranking points = 2.2 avg finish

Herman Cain – 7 ranking points = 1.4 avg finish

Michele Bachmann – 7 ranking points = 1.4 avg finish

Again, the above ranking includes the results of all 5 state Straw Polls officially held and recognized by each respective state party (IA, NH, GA, WI, CA).


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~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Nice stats, but easily dismissed like internet polls.

The only thing that counts are the delegate counts to the convention and who the Electors support.