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Perry and Bachman and Romney LIE more than any other presidential candidates! Ron Paul scored best!

If a candidate is going to lie during a campaign what makes us think they will keep their promises and how can any normal person possibly trust someone that lies during their campaign?

Michele Bachmann has made more factual gaffes than any of the other Republican presidential candidates, according to PolitiFact.com, a nonpartisan Web site that vets public officials' statements.

Of the 35 Bachmann statements that PolitiFact.com had vetted as of Friday, only 14 percent were rated true or mostly true. Nine percent were rated "half true," and 77 percent -- more than three-quarters -- were rated mostly false, false or "pants on fire," a category reserved for assertions that are not only inaccurate but "ridiculous," according to the editors of the Web site.

Bachmann, Perry Both Score Poor Regarding Gaffes, Inaccuracies

More : http://www.hermancainforums.com/index.php/topic,747.0.html

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They have him at:
6 true
6 mostly true
4 half true
1 mostly false
3 false
1 "Pants on Fire"

IMHO, the rating for the one 'Pants on fire" shows both a disregard for the facts of the situation, and a blatant bias, but I shall leave you to discover that for your self.

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And Herman Cain?

0% true
17% mostly true
25% half true
58% mostly false, false and pants on fire
42% true/ 58% false

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Ron Paul scored the best out

Ron Paul scored does the best out of every candidate.

how do u know? I see no link

how do u know? I see no link to the story and can't find on politfact..

The link was at the bottom of

The link was at the bottom of the post, here it is again : http://www.hermancainforums.com/index.php/topic,747.0.html


how about posting a link to what politifact.com is stating,
instead of what 'constitution' on hermancain (is that you?) is saying that politifact is saying.

Why are almost all of your posts linked to hermancain.com ?