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Spoiler Movie! How A Third Political Party Could Win

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I'm sure this video is great for the hopelessly clueless, but

anyone who's on the DP and not just a passing guest, will likely already be well aware of everything it covers.

The worst part is that it drones on saying the same thing over and over for AN HOUR and never seems to get to the point.

THEN, it doesn't even show how a 3rd party can win. It takes forever to set up and prove why and how the two parties have a lock on the election. It describes accurately how they collude to exclude other candidates from the debates. (but fall short of accusing them of manipulating polls to prevent candidates from even being included so they can't get the 15% rule)

And then promptly claims that if an independent or 3rd party candidate just campaigns on 4 issues, they will somehow magically get invited into the debates and likely win the election.

Absolute hogwash.

(additionally, they have an odd sense of the political spectrum. While interesting, it is still stuck on left-right. There's no good reason not to have explained the Nolan chart)

They spent an eternity talking about the evils and immorality of income taxes and the Fed, then advocated two main issues to simply be "flat tax" and "constant fixed inflation."

Are you kidding me?

They bothered to say the Reform Party failed because it wasn't radical enough. How does ceding ground morally on income taxation and inflation and simply "tinkering 'round the edges" constitute being "just radical enough" to get traction but not so radical as to be marginalized? (as they claim the LP is guilty of)

Truly, while I applaud the general idea of such a video, this one was a flop, a waste of time, and overall, they contradicted themselves in their solution vs. the identified problem, and in fact NEVER showed how a 3rd party can actually break the 2 party deadlock to get into the debates, much less win the election.

Don't waste your time.