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Revolution PAC Superbomb


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Someone just chipped in 6k a few minutes ago


Now that is what I am talking about

Someone just chipped in 10k!!!

That is 10k this campaign would have never seen without the Revolution Pac. Gary, Tom, Mary and others should be applauded. They have a bunch of talented people fighting the good fight. Thanks for extending the money bomb. I think that has netted another 20k or so.

Hopefully more people will come out and donate.

I hope a press release will be sent out to the media, so the Superpac name gets out in more newspapers (with the hope that some other wealthy donors might hear about the Pac) and then some ads start running in key states!!!

Only 7.5k away from 100k

I hope they get it. Although it is not huge $$$$, some good things can be done with 100k!!!

I think I'll donate again

I think I'll donate again today. It sure would be nice to see this hit at least $100k.


It would be great to see them get over 100k

6k more. Then maybe they could have a press release that says the SuperPac received 100k in support of Ron Paul.

Yeah, like pay for the add

Yeah, like pay for the add they already made.. Making quality adds like their new one isn't cheap. RevoPac needs a cool million to get the ball rollin'. I hope they figure something out...


My favorite quote "Its not up to someone else" (my bumper sticker)Along with a Ron Paul sticker... Course!

I donate to the campaign $20.12 per month and am looking for another 1 million folks to join me - that's over 20 million/mo for Ron

The PAC is doing great work - I also support them - their videos are great and I share them with as many people as I can.

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Money Bomb Extended

RevolutionPAC has announced this money bomb will be extended until Friday..

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

"When one gets in bed with government,
one must expect the diseases it spreads."
‎"It's not like I'm a powerful person. My ideas are."

Has Gary sent out an email

letting everyone know? I have not received one. Also, it would be good to change the date on the site from 9/19 to read money bomb 9/19 to 9/23.

God is In Charge! He Works Through You..Work Hard..No Long Faces

For some of us donating funds to the campaign is essential, for others, its going door to door. Stay focused on the big picture here. Do what you do best, and work hard at it. If everyone does what they do best, all of us will benefit.

Fighting the negative forces that are entrenched in our government is an ongoing effort. It took us 100 years to mess things up, it may take several years to restore America back to its former state. Some say we don't have time to waste, it is essential that we move quickly, and I agree.

You and I can't do it alone. If enough Americans don't wake up to this sense of urgency, believe me, were're all in deep do do.

God has blessed this nation and despite all the problems we have as a nation, we are still fighting the good fight, albeit the few that we are. We are not done for yet.

I don't believe the author of all living is going to abandon us to total despotism. We still have a tireless remnant, setting them brush fires throughout the land. God is testing us, even molding us into his foot soldiers for the restoration of the Great American Republic.

Don't get discouraged my good friends. it is a slow and dedious process. look how long Doctor paul has been fighting the beast system.

Remember what Samuel Adams said, "Work hard and show no long faces."

That's what you get.

I hate to be so blunt, but facts are facts. Message to the SuperPAC: LEAVE US LITTLE GUYS ALONE!!! GO AFTER THE BIG BUCKS!!!

Will the real Management team of the SuperPAC please stand up! ....OH, wait you have no Management team. You have PhD authors and media production computer nerds as your management team. Yep, sounds like a winning team.

Don't bother asking business leaders to be part of your Management team.

Great Job SuperPAC, GREAT job!

Moral of the story is LEAVE US LITTLE GUYS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.


1) The R-SPAC is made up of people just like US. VOLUNTEERS. They're people with day jobs, multiple children, and other responsibilities.
I'm fairly certain Tom Woods has 4 small children, and a LIFE OUTSIDE of what he VOLUNTEERS for this campaign.

2) WTF do you mean "leave US alone"?? THEY ARE "US"!! How dare you criticize their efforts like this. They certainly didn't "bother" me. I managed to plan ahead and give them a 100 bucks. What about you?
That's what I thought.

3) NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US!! Not the media, not the S-PAC, not some mysterious billionaire.
Just because Jon VOLUNTEERED his time to make the Superbomb graphic look like something from superman, doesn't MEAN that SUPERMAN was COMING to save us.
If WE WANT something to happen, then WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN OURSELVES.
A couple of people here sound like nanny staters, in the sense that they want SOMEONE ELSE to do something FOR THEM, instead of DOING IT THEMSELVES.

How many people did you bring into the regular moneybomb? Did you even donate to that?
I managed to bring 3 this time. It normally would have been about 6, but some of my friends and family are all the way across the country working in disaster areas, trying to scrape up enough funds to just keep their homes, and feed their kids.
Just think if the roughly 17,000 people who donated, made a commitment to get at least 3 others to donate. Where would we be then?
How many millionaires did YOU solicit? I managed to unsuccessfully solicit ONE, (I only know one) but at least I tried. It doesn't mean I wont try again.
Were you under the impression that the people VOLUNTEERING for the S-PAC just had FULL days to sit around "wining and dining" millionaires??
Were you also under the impression that you couldn't donate yourself?

Step away from the bong for a minute, and take a look at the bigger picture. It is UP TO WE THE PEOPLE. The "little guys." The "volunteers." The people who have to juggle/balance their daily lives and struggles, with trying to make an impact in this campaign.

The MORAL of THIS story is, LOOK IN THE MIRROR and ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, before you criticize someone elses "VOLUNTEER" efforts.

We have been given a base to operate from. The Daily Paul. People VOLUNTEER their time and effort to make sure the DP runs smoothly. It is up to US to take it from there.

People like Zak Carter and others have VOLUNTEERED their time and effort (OUTSIDE of their family obligations) to bring you extensive lists of people with big bucks that have expressed support for RP, or the principles of liberty in general. Did you try and make contact with any of them, or were you waiting for someone else to do it for you?

We have been given a CHOICE as to where we would like our donations to go. The R-SPAC. You either choose to participate, or you don't. But DON'T go ripping on THEM for not being successful, when you did NOTHING to help.

I think you owe these great people an apology for your uncalled for outburst.

Step 1: Identify the Target

Step 1: Identify the Target Market -- tiny fish or BIG WHALES

(That is my last comment on this topic to you. I do not do back and forth tit for tat.)

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Thanks Jefferson,

Very well said my friend!

I'm spending my own money where I think it has the most impact, but I wouldn't dare tell anyone their idea is wrong and that mine is better - a r3volution needs a little chaos to be successful!

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/ - http://www.bluerepublican.org/ - http://krisannehall.com/ - http://lionsofliberty.com/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

Very Well Said


Does not sound good

Many of us hoped this "bomb" would have reflected some "high roller" supporters to make us feel like it's not all lower middle class and $20.12 chip ins.

Why I think this RevPAC didn't live up to expectations

First, I don't think it was a good idea to have two Money Bombs within two days of each other.

I don't know how well it was promoted to the general public. I only heard about the MB through this site and my local MeetUp group. If people are not told about it and asked to donate, we really cannot fault them for not giving.

This is primarily a grassroots campaign, fueled by the people who are hurting most in the present economy, and can least afford to give.

Some people would rather donate by check, so the banks don't take out their percentage like they do with credit card donations. I donated with a credit card, but that is only because my checking account is empty, due to such frivolous purchases as food, fuel, and TAXES.

There are many other ways to get the message out to the general public besides giving to Money Bombs. Sure, continue to give as you are able, but as Ron Paul would de-centralize our government, let's consider de-centralizing fundraising as well and get creative within our local communities.

Rich or poor, or anywhere in between, people should be free to give as much or little as they want, in whatever form they want---credit card, check, cash, publicly or privately, volunteer time, endorsements, etc., without being criticized. However you look at it, there is still over $80,000 more in the coffer than a couple of days ago. That is a good thing.

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some ideas for the next bomb

i wonder how many people even knew this was on ? did they see the website promoting it ? needed beter advertising may be ? also unlike rons last $6million 2008 money bomb there was no garanteed pledge amount. i rememebr the old website had something like 28000 people pledging to donate a minimum $100 or $200 may be there should have been a minimum pledge counter and more advertising on the popular paul websites. or may be the bomb should not have gone off untill it reached the aquired number of pledges at there minimum $100 each pledge limit.


Realities of SuperPAC's

Large donations like what the SuperPAC is hoping for almost always happen in private, small circles. The old boys network doesn't operate in any kind of public way. The RevPAC so far is only getting donations from average Joe's who should really be donating to the official campaign.

The RevPAC needs to make this happen on their own and and secure large donations in private. No need for any hype or promotion whatsoever. This isn't a cheerleading contest. Just one-on-one private consultations with wealthy individuals. Simple as that and it requires them to not rely on the internet but on personal relationships, which is the foundation of all large cash donations.

Here's wishing them the best.

Meanwhile ronpaul2012.com

Meanwhile ronpaul2012.com ticker is still going!


Am I misunderstanding this? I thought this was supposed to be a money bomb like any other.. why aren't people donating to it?

I'm afraid moneybombs aren't what they used to be.

I gotta say I was really annoyed that the campaign decided to do the 9/17 moneybomb in part because it came so close to the super pac bomb on the 19th...but it wasn't just because of that. i was really put off that the campaign was trying to do the moneybomb thing....that's our thing...that's our gift to ron...the campaign fundraisers need to be out there getting the bundlers busy...working the large dollar donors. i think the superpac and the campaign both need to leave the moneybomb thing to those best equipped to make it successful.

i don't know what kind of roi the campaign gets on those solicitation emails. i'd go to war for ron...but those damn emails are annoying as hell imnsho.

anyways...I guess we'll always be good for a million bucks provided we have some lead time...but i think it's best to let the grassroots handle the grassroots fundraising. maybe it's time for something new. ideas?

Well said! I think we, maybe

Well said! I think we, maybe hosted by the Daily Paul, should start organizing the "5th of November Money Bomb" I doubt the campaign will pick that day, it was grassroots, and it should stay that way, at least for the 5th. I know a few people, for whatever reason who are saving money/ holding out for a 5th bomb...

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Donated earlier tonight!

Go RevPAC - love you!


Not sure in-fighting is going to solve anything

I get why people are upset at how this is going, I recently got behind Ron Paul at the start of this year. Upon doing some watching of grass roots videos I saw quick snaps of 12 million dollar money bombs and even I wonder why so little this time around and I am a slight worried.

However, regardless of what "the rich" (as they are now being dubbed as) say, well if they are on the wrong side of history they will pay for it knowing they could've done something.

BUT that all aside, there's one basic principle people are amiss here....freedom. Supposed freedom loving Americans saying this person should or shouldn't do that.

Are you missing the things Ron Paul is pointing out or what? Part of what made us special is "live and let live". We didn't used to go around telling each other what to do or who should do it.

This in-fighting, what exactly has it accomplished? You can piss all over the fence posts you can possibly find and that won't change anything.

I agree it sucks, and I don't understand why more and it seems with the latest video Paul is scathing his head too...but we cannot go around telling people what they should do, it's not the true American way and it goes against what he's teaching us / what our founders taught us.

it's moneybomb's like this

it's moneybomb's like this (two that are too close together OR a disagreement on timing and/or goal) that made me donate all i had to donate in june - when ron paul (or one of his staffers) said that every dollar then was worth 5x of dollars donated later.

i publicize these MBs but for the most part sleep well that i donate as much as i can EARLY.

All these posts

complaining that the "rich" don't pay their "fair share" sure sound a lot like some other clanging symbols in the media today. What do you care what the rich do? Isn't liberty about you minding your own business and worrying about what YOU do? Are YOU doing YOUR part? If so, then enjoy your freedom and stop whining that others aren't doing what you want the way you want it.

Mix in living the liberty ideal...

Fight to restore a vet's free speech and access to free information. Read more here: http://www.2ndchance.info/TBVME2.htm

The anger comes out of

disappointment and hyped-up expectations. What can you expect out of a populous movement, when the establishment (comprised of the wealthier citizens) has already picked their candidate.


Good news everyone!

We've extended art & crafts time through FRIDAY!

Why have a one day superbomb when you can have 5?

Special Thanks goes out to Daily Pauler RonPaul818 for suggesting it!

I'll Pass!

Step 1: Identify the Target Market -- tiny fish or BIG WHALES

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.