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10% match of SuperPac Money bomb for the campaign.

Anyone want to see if we can keep a 10% donation pace the Revolution Pac? If the Revolution PAC ticker goes up a thousand, we work to donate $100 to the campaign. What do you think... want to try?

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Its a great idea

I just want to see how SUPER this super bomb will be. This is actually the first thing the superpac has put together as far as fund raising goes SO we will soon see how it goes.

It should have connections with BIG MONEY donors and not the $5 and $10 guys BUT we will soon see what it is made of.

Either way I LOVE the ads that they can put out, the way they write is AMAZING as well as their video editing is second to none.

I think as far as tv ads go, the super pac will do AMAZING things for ron paul.

I am not some big donor but I am donating tomorrow to the superbomb. I love the revolution super pac and all the members.

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