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The Rothschild’s and the American Economy

From Indoctrination Nation Blog:

In 1776 we in America won the Revolutionary war. That was when the American people evicted King George from this country and created a sovereign country made of the small nation states referred to as the 13 colonies. Each was separate and unique in its monetary system and its laws. There were no “statutes” or what they call today “state statutes” but instead we were under a Common Law system which was far better for freedom sake than the more Draconian statutory legal system we share today. Further, at that time each state had its own economic system, but that did not last long and, in this authors opinion, neither did our sovereignty, because immediately after Independence was established the Bankers sought to commandeer this country’s monetary system, and at that time, as in the present, one family endeavored to or more precisely, conspired to commandeer the economy for its own nefarious purposes through a Central Banking system. The infamous family? The Rothschild’s of Europe.

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bump for interesting subject

and study further.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

The Demon is debt, not the person who offers it

Libyan rebels accepted a debt to wage a fight for control while the looters plunder Libya.

Raising the debt ceiling gives the demon more control.

When we realize the debt problem is voluntarily accepted, we will see that we are the problem.

Free includes debt-free!