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Who you callin loco?

Loco means crazy, and I needed a catchy title for this crazy thought. What if we have a small money bomb for Gary Johnson, a money bomb that says "We the People" deserve to hear everyone that is willing to run for POTUS. Why should someone be silenced because the television decides them to be, that is not the Founding Father's way. I want to hear what Gary Johnson has to say, don't you? I want to hear every person running for president because that is what was intended at the founding of this country, we all have a voice. Can we make the goal just $20,000 or what have you, let's let the people know we are not out to hide anyone, we want the people to be able to make the best choice for themselves, but how will they choose if they cannot hear who they have to choose from? I think this will be great for freedom and the message of liberty, but do we have the tenacity to get it handled, I guess we will see.

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Yeah sounds awesome!! Sort of.

He can have a Youtube account just like me. In fact he does! http://www.youtube.com/user/govgaryjohnson AND http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/

I know we are struggling to understand how to get our candidates into office but I do not consider a former governor of a state to be silenced. He has been on the debates, he's all over the internet(s), I personally do not find him compelling which could be the general public's attitude. Good luck with your fundraising.