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State Column - Ron Paul Defeats Rick Perry, Mitt Romney in California Poll, "raised 1.03 million in twenty-four hour money bomb"

Texas congressman Ron Paul has won the latest Republican presidential straw poll, capturing a majority of support in California.

The Texas Republican captured a majority of voter support Sunday, receiving the support of 44.9 percent of Republican voters. Mr. Paul far outdistanced his nearest rivals in the straw poll. Texas Republican governor Rick Perry finished second with 29 percent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was third with 9 percent and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann came out fourth with just 8 percent of the 833 total ballots cast. The California Republican Party, associated members and registered guests were allowed to vote in the straw poll, according to a statement released by the state party.

Speaking with supporters following the vote, Mr. Paul continued his message of limited government and libertarian politics.

“We have endless wars overseas and endless welfare at home. We can’t afford that anymore; we have to change those policies,” Mr. Paul said. “We do need an absolutely thorough audit of the Federal Reserve.”

The poll is the latest victory for the Texas Republican, who placed second in the Ames Republican Presidential Straw Poll and has declared victory in a number of high-profile straw polls in recent months.

“This win is just the latest indication of our campaign’s growing momentum,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “Americans are sick and tired of the status quo and Dr. Paul offers a real change, and hope for a free and prosperous future.”

Speaking Sunday, Mr. Paul attributed his victory to a high turnout amongst younger voters.

“They’re young people, mostly, who realize our country’s in a mess … and they’re very open to the ideas of liberty,” said Mr. Paul. “They’d just as soon assume responsibility for themselves … be left alone, get the government off their back and get out of wars.”

The California poll follows a major fundraiser by Paul supporters. The Texas congressman raised an estimated $1.03 million Sunday in a twenty-four hour “money bomb.”

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This poll shows

Perry, Romney, Bachmann and Paul. With over 38,000 votes, and Paul winning by a landslide. NOW who's "top tier"?

Also, if you look to the side and under the story, RP is all over that page!

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

They have a poll up also.

Good find rp311.