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Free Bumper Stickers

"Hello, my name is Jack and I'm running a project sending out free Ron Paul campaign supplies to fellow Ron Paul supporters all across the country.

Ken Covey, KCIndy, has been generous enough to buy all of the campaign supplies and most of the stamps that I've been sending out. He has spent well over 1000 dollars on this project and I really appreciate his kind gesture and would like to help him out by asking other Ron Paul supporters for any donations to keep the project running.

This project has been a tremendous success and I'd like to continue to ship out free packages to supporters, especially to supporters in the early primary states like IA, SC, NH, NV, and FL.

I've been able to accomplish that by getting the admins running the SC, NH, NV, CA, and FL for Ron Paul pages on Facebook to promote my project.

As I am writing this, I have mailed out over 2100 packages to people for free with many packages containing more than one bumper sticker. The exciting thing is that I receive over 30 new requests for packages everyday who are residents in one of the early primary states.

I will appreciate any help you can lend to this project."

To donate to Jack please follow this link:



you can help by sending any 44 cent first-class stamps.

If you have anymore questions please send Jack an email at:



PM directly through my DP account


Through my Email:


To receive your free stuff send me a PM through DP, and I will foreword your request to Jack. If you do, please make sure to include your name, and address.

Like the facebook page:


Original Thread:



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Got my Free Bumper Sticker

Thank you for your time and effort.
I received my Free Bumper Sticker and am now proudly displaying it in the middle of my back glass. I am unemployed and am having difficulties making ends meet. I so much wanted to help out Ron Paul but with children to feed and with being unemployed for months, things have been tight. I fill out applications daily and manage to get on average about one interview each week. I am over 50 and the market is not good for older men. While driving to and from interviews I have had several cars pull up beside me and give me the thumbs up or honk and wave while pointing to my sticker! Thank you for your efforts! You helped me and Ron Paul both.

Ozark Patriot


Why isn't the Paul campaign sending them out?

They have the addresses of all of the people who donated and volunteered. Those people probably know others and could get them to put a bumper sticker on their car.

Why won't the campaign send out stickers?!?

Why doesn't the campaign bring stickers to every rally and campaign stop and hand them out?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought we are the campaign? :)

Where are the bumper stickers?

I traveled 400 miles from Boston to Vermont in busy traffic a few days ago and saw 1 *one* bumper sticker!

I traveled 100 miles in busy traffic today and saw none, except if you count me then I have 3. I'm contemplating adding a 4th.

where are the bumper stickers?

I have been looking for a Ron Paul bumper sticker for months. I do not like to buy things online with a credit card. Where can you go in person to get one? If I send a bunch of stamps will someone doing this project send me some?

I would like to help

I have a free Ron Paul App for both Iphone and Android platforms. I want to use the money generated from this APP to help with projects like these. If people could download this app and help support projects like this that would be great!!!

The App will also help people stay up on RP in the news, press releases from the campaign, videos and allows for easily sharing to social networks! Get it today and support Ron Paul


Thanks guys!



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Im getting some bumper stickers put on my ride^^^

i put about 100-150 miles a day on it ( bout 4 days a week )and people, no matter if u like it or not, look at it, so im going to RP2012 it on my back bumper.. anybody got any sticker colors that would blend with royal blue?

In my opinion if you have a

In my opinion if you have a blue car, as I do, you'll want a white bumper sticker with blue lettering.

I put a blue one on my car and it doesn't stick out as much as I'd like.

Alternatively on my white car I have a blue one and you can see it a mile away.

I'd like to send you some Ron Paul Cards...

I'd like to donate some of both my Ron Paul Cards (see them at www.RonaldErnestPaul.com)


my Rx For Liberty Cards (see them at www.RxForLiberty.com/print) that you can insert to bring the package up even with the next ounce when you ship.

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll get them in the mail to you.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Gr8 Idea RxForLiberty

It's great idea to include RxForLiberty cards with Jack's free supplies. Do you have chipIn account or paypal account? DP folks would donate to both of you to get this amazing project going...
In liberty!

Go Ron Go!

Please do. Make sure to send

Please do. Make sure to send them to Jack though.



Thank you SpicyTurkey for

Thank you SpicyTurkey for promoting my project!

If anyone have a request for package or any general questions, please email me: misterhan49@gmail.com

"like" our facebook page!


Need RP campaign materials???

I'll ship out FREE RP material to you for free!!!

Email me at: misterhan49@gmail.com

No problem. glad I can help.

No problem. glad I can help.



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Why would anyone mark down a

Why would anyone mark down a person who is willing to help Ron Paul win, by helping other supporters receive free campaign materials?

Blows my mind.



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So, why have a middle man?

Why not have a topic where anyone needing free supplies can ask for them. And, anyone with extra can reply privately and send them?

You could still administer the project, if that's your thing.

I would love to do that, but

I would love to do that, but the MOD's are invisible at best. It's very hard to get into contact with one.

You can do that without a moderator

You could do it right here in this topic. Simply keep a list of users that are looking for supplies, and cross them off or delete them as other people send those supplies to them.

That can get hectic. I

That can get hectic. I believe that if you feel the need to give away some materials, then you should it yourself. To avoid unnecessary confusion. Though if people are interested. I would be more than glad to help it along.

Though what Jack has started is much more efficient. He buys supplies and givers it to those who need it for free, and asks for donations from those who are willing to donate. It's a pay as you like bases.

Keeping a list would be more hectic than doing all the work?

I don't understand that. How could keeping a list be more work than doing all the shipping yourself?

Keeping a list decentralizes the process, with the added benefit of people become acquainted with each other.

If you're not running the operation, then the suggestion is for Jack.

Then I suggest you email

Then I suggest you email Jack. At the moment, I personally don't think its a good idea.

But I do agree. If this projects keeps getting bigger (and it is), then I we need to get more people doing the same thing.

But first lets focus on getting this particular effort noticed. Lets make sure a sizable portion of DPer's know about this.

Make a suggestion...

in the little red Mod Box located on the bottom right of every page. That's why it be there... :p

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I'm tired of bumping this. A

I'm tired of bumping this. A mod should sticky this already!

Request a sticky...

in the little red Mod Box located on the bottom right of every page...

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