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Rainwater Harvesting and Graywater Systems

Just posted this article with some videos and links for Rainwater Harvesting and Graywater Systems:


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bump for useful knowledge


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I deal in water politics

I deal in water politics daily in CA

Consult your local laws, and tread carefully. In California for example the state officially owns every drop of water - no matter the source. Yes, that includes every rain drop you capture in a barrel or pond.

While they selectively enforce this, they can pull it out anytime they want.

Just check your laws first.

I am not so sure about...

I am not so sure about capturing rain water in LA,Is it still water or a hazardous chemical? LOL.

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Have done this at our house

We have created a system of rainwater capture and greywater recycling in our house. It has reduced our dependency on city water dramatically. I highly recommend this for everyone.

Liberty Village start up in Oregon. https://sites.google.com/site/greenbuffalocoopvillage/