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Vote on a fellow DPers video for the Fox | Google Debate!!

With the help of RonPaulRocks1, I just created a question video for the upcoming Fox News | Google Debate.

The video can be watched here:


Here are the steps you can take to help get the video plugged into the debate:

Unfortunately there is no way to provide a direct URL to my video.
However, it's not too difficult to find!!

1. Go to www.youtube.com/foxnews

2. Click the "vote" tab in the upper left

3. Click the "topic" dropdown and select "foreign policy"

4. Click the "most recent" tab on the right

5. Search for Benji Thompson from Lakeland, FL. That's me!!

6. Vote!!!!

Thank you to RonPaulRocks1 for the idea and the script. I hope you don't mind, I changed the wording just slightly.

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Voted---said there were only

Voted---said there were only 3 votes.


said 3 votes

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Nice job, Benji. I voted you up.

While I was there, I submitted this question as well:

To all candidates,

If you could recommend 2 books for Americans to read, one relating to foreign policy and one relating to economic policy, what would those 2 books be?

San Francisco

Easy way to find the video:

Easy way to find the video: (because it's getting pretty far down in the "most recent" tab now)

1. Go to www.youtube.com/foxnews

2. Click the "vote" tab in the upper left

3. Click the "topic" dropdown and select "foreign policy"

4. Click "Hottest" tab, it'll be on the first or second scroll.

5. Search for Benji Thompson from Lakeland, FL, it has an image with it because it's a video and the title starts off like: "Congressman Paul has received more campaign contributions from active military than the rest of you combined."

6. Vote!!!!

I've submitted all my

I've submitted all my questions under the pen-name Tim Osman, lol.

I saw your name when I was

I saw your name when I was looking for Benji Thompson's...
page 6. I voted but it said 3 votes

Nice! Thanks...

I can never see how many votes when I vote on questions. I wonder if it's my internet browser...I use Firefox.

I posted over a dozen questions. I tried to keep them very short and simple.

Will you vote to increase the debt ceiling?
Would you legislate via Executive Orders?
Will you continue subsidies to the oil industry?
We haven't declared war since WWII, will you con't this tradition?

...a bunch more I can't even remember.

11:30 central time showed me

11:30 central time showed me 1 vote plus mine equals 2 votes total.

I voted for your and it said 2 votes

I voted for you and it said 2 votes and then I left the page, read some more questions, went back and it said you only had one vote so i voted for you again it said 2 votes. Something is wrong. Leave it to neocon Fox news.

Video isn't there anymore.

Video isn't there anymore.

Doesn't seem to work

I found your excellent video and clicked on the "thumbs up" but it didn't seem to register. When I hover over the thumbs up it says there are only 2 votes.


for a job well done.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Was There a Time Limit?

When writing editorials, I always try to match the length of the ones that are published so as not to be edited.

Is your question within the length they specify? It takes almost minute to ask. You may find that they pick a shorter one, or cut yours to use it. A minute in TV time is an eternity.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I think we may have a problem.

When I hovered over the thumbs-up just before clicking it, I noticed a little pop-up that said "1 vote". I paused and thought that was odd. When I voted, the little pop-up said "2 votes". I'm certainly not only the second person to vote for this thing. Could we be getting stonewalled....?


and bumped...


I voted it up and Thanks again Benji Thompson for having the courage to do this.

We need this on the Front Page!

Great question

Great question

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

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I found it, Voted it "UP",

I found it, Voted it "UP", and it claimed you had 2 UP votes. Not possible.

Cos Cob, CT

I'm noticing some issues as well..

It could be delayed. I would hope so anyway.

Thank you for your participation.

I clicked the vote button and

I clicked the vote button and then clicked on foreign policy. Your video was not there.

you have to keep scrolling down


Make sure you..

Click the "most recent" tab on the right side as well.

found it...went to "Vote" tab

and sorted by "Foreign Policy" in the drop down menu. You were on the bottom and I voted.

I revised..

The steps, thank you..

I clicked on "Map" and zoomed down to FL

but the little markers keep disappearing. I thought I had seen your city but then many of the markers disappeared.

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It's a great video, but Fox/Google is

cheating. I could not find yours at all though I search for a way. they only list 6 recent videos. I also searched Foreign Policy. Again only 6 listed, they are picking and choosing which can be voted for. I hope you'll make another video telling more of your story and put it on YouTube unfiltered by a media gatekeeper.

Revised Steps

I revised the steps on the main thread, hopefully that will help you find it.

Here's the video, if you wanna watch it raw: http://youtu.be/uDsGGBevKjo

see my note above about how I found it...


there are "home" and "vote" tabs

so I clicked on "Vote" and found the "Search" field (couldn't locate it anywhere else). I put your name in but it just keeps searching but no results...