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URGENT - Oklahoma Straw Poll

I was just told that there is going to be a straw poll at the Oklahoma State Fair tomorrow in the Modern Living Building. Enter building from the SW doors and look for the Republican Booth to the left. Starts are 10am and closes at 10 pm.

Does anyone in OKC even know about this!??!? Please pass it along!

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this straw poll...

Has been going on since it opened last Thursday or whenever it opened. One of our people is working the GOP booth and says that Perry currently has the upper hand.

Oklahoma Straw Poll

The information about the Straw Poll at the Oklahoma State Fair went out in an email blast last night and was posted on Oklahoma Grassroots here http://okgrassroots.com/?p=21878 if anyone needs more details on the event. On this post you can click to the fair site for maps and logistical information. The post itself tells you a little about the status of the poll and our contact at the fair is Hugh Smith. Hope everyone anywhere close will get out and vote and get your Ron Paul signs and tee-shirts too!

For Life and Liberty
Sandra Crosnoe for
Oklahoma R3publicans
(if you need more information about email options particularly for Oklahoma -see the email top tab on this website)

Twitter @scrosnoe @R3publicans @okgrassroots (please retweet information on events and posts)

H/T to Daily Paul for great information all the time -- linked on R3publican!

For Life and Liberty,

Bumping for OOOOOOOOklahoma !!!!


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trying to organize

Thank you jaydh for the links, I got on meetup and messaged all but the last two. Unfortunately the response I got from Tulsa said they weren't too interested in Straw polls since they weren't getting much attention. I'm in Enid just trying to organize some love for the dr. If you've got anymore news hit me up.

that is pretty crappy....

It will get all kinds of attention IF the good Dr. doesn't win. It's would be worth winning just to keep the news from dragging on and on about some neocon winning.

Maybe they will show up at the Tulsa State Fair at least...

Hey I've never seen this place before..

If any of you guys/gals in Oklahoma want to check it out, there is a really good Oklahoma Ron Paul sight.


Anyone up there still have T-Shirts available?

I'm needing a 2X or 3X and my wife could use a M or L, preferably M. All I have are my 2008 shirts, complete with pit stains. :(

We are taking the kids up on either Thurs or Friday.

I presume only Ok citizens get to vote?

No sneakin' across the Red River, huh?

Texas has got to do something. Hadn't realized we weren't going to have a straw poll this year. I was waiting to hear the announcement of campaign events. Beginning to get the feeling that waiting won't work.


if it is like the ones in the past, you simply fill out your ballot, put it in the correct box and go on. It isn't exactly highly guarded or scientific. But it sure would be nice to get a win.

Republican Straw Poll at Oklahoma State Fair Ends on Friday


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