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Ron Paul is leading Romney this time last election

Ron Paul is currently polling at an average of 9.8%, as can be seen here:


Mitt Romney, however, was polling at an average of only 9.5% on September 19, 2007, as can be seen here:


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28.2% for Rudy then & Perry now...

Those are the numbers jumpin' out at me.
Poo upon the notion of Prick's invincibility.


This is actually kind of awesome when you think about it. It's hard to actually remember how bad it was last cycle around. I forget, they often didn't even have Paul on the polls, and he was averaging 1%-3% nationally. This is pretty awesome.

Eric Hoffer

Wanted to make sure people

Wanted to make sure people saw this during normal hours, as this was posted in the middle of the night. It's very encouraging.