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Gunfire broke out! A whole camp on high alert! I feel so safe.

Guys, every time we write try to see me smiling.

There I was placidly snoozing away and I' wearing half a dog for a blanket. His name is Sky Pilot. Well the first shot went off and my little Sky, man he just went BOING, totally vertical.

Now that was upsetting to me because i'm trying to recover from fractured ribs and to have Sky Pie use me as a vertical launching pad, that was not my preferred method of waking up but we heard the point. That was the "blat" sound of a...maybe a .9mm bang.

And another. Bang. The pitbull went into full fury and I'm just trying to wake up.

BANG. ANOTHER ONE. Holy cow, it's coming right from next door. That's my bro Viet Nam Billy. Holy cow, Billy's ex-life as a criminal has finally caught up with him.

By this time I had time to drop my solid FMJ rounds and inject the really lethal rounds. The ones that don't go through you and into the next person. But I had to assume a good backstop. I know full well that rotating out and positioning myself for an optimal line of fire will work, there's a hill behind us. Perfect. I just only expose myself to open fire from hostiles so at that point, and that was just this morning (howdy doo) I'm taking "oblique angle" and ready to pretty much do some nasty damage to whomever shows up that's not one of us.

And I'm in my socks and underwear. Why the hell don't nobody have a camcorder on me in my moments of glory? That would have gone viral as hell. Crazy Ron Paul guy with a gun in his socks and underwear. Well just in case you think I might have been over-reacting, man, every single person, the landlord's son rolled out of bed, locked a mag into his AK, took me in on scope and he was ready to do business. We talked it through in debriefing and I asked, Bumper, who was you gonna shoot? He said "anybody but you or Billy-Joe. I mean, there was a hella lotta firepower amassed and that's before the cops, the sheriffs, the milk man and the dog catcher showed up. I mean we had guns pointed in every which direction. We mean it really did sound like gunfire.

Turns out some new guys in the camp decided it would be neat to light off a roman candle.Yup. Stupid thing went bang, bang bang and it really about freaked us green. We're still not clear on who dialed 911, but we've put out the message. I'm trying to tell you that neighbors we didn't even know we had are coming up and saying "we didn't call the cops" and I'm spreading the message that whomever DIDN'T call the cops, all of you did exactly the right thing. And I thank each and every one of you for "not calling the cops". Totally absolutely do this again if needs be. Call the cops and lie to me. Call them and lie again and again if needs be.

It was a stupid firework but ladies and gentlemen, I was first out in my socks and underwear but you should have seen the rest of us. And then if you want to see bad, our women came out.

Why do I tell you this? Because training took over. Honestly I didn't have time to be scared. Now after everything was said and done, my knees started knocking.I thought I was pretty cool and handling things but my knees had their own totally different opinion. I had freaky knees going. Not the first time. It's like that. And know what makes you a competent warrior or life-saver?

Experience.You loose a bro or a sis, you can bet you will be self-analytical. Live combat and the injuries sustained are so far-reaching, so real and visceral that it shocks the human conscience. It's "mortifying". It offends our human dignity is such a way. But those of us who would consider ourselves as warriors, we will do it again and again and again. All day and in the middle of the night. And sometimes, like when idiots are lighting off roman candles in the middle of the camp, you might be tempted to "trigger bash". And that's a hard and fast decision. There's no such thing as an "unsend" option on a bullet. And there's no meaningful way to say "sorry". For you women and kids, we want you to defend yourselves as you would if I was standing right next to you and we want you to default on the side of self-preservation. I just want you to have the sense of not being alone. In my camp, many rifles were trained. I t engenders a sense of self confidence that surpasseth all understanding. To know that if I fail there will come another and another after him and a whole "shload" of big and hairy nasty bruitish bikers.

My wrap-up point? Alone we are weak. Together we are strong.

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...i wish my "community" was organized like that

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

It's might kind of you to say so but now I feel kinda bad

We talked about this. The first thing you have to understand about the Smudge Pot profile is there's a lot of us talking. We're tribal. Very seldom does one of us speak but a whole bunch of us are.

Then we realized that this isn't the best place for us to do our form of activism. This is a place for you to do your form of activism and what we say here could have a negative impact on the world's impression of Ron Paul. And while what we wanted to communicate to you as a message of peace and security through preparedness might look like that whole "conservative gun-nut" thing to the world. We're not just warriors. Our order is supposed to know how to heal as well as hurt. We are all EMT or above medical certification and we are rather expert in the use of healing herbs. And we don't even walk around with firearms anymore. A few years back, it seemed like an important point to assert this liberty but at this moment, we don't think that's the most positive and reinforcing message for people right now. The one big take-away we have from this event is that people ran TOWARDS us and not AWAY. People ran to us for protection. People feel safe with us and not threatened.

So to the extent that we've put this negativity on your forum, we kinda feel bad about that. But for what it's worth, take our warrior encouragement that when the time comes you will act with strength and confidence and power and when TSHTF, we'll be the kind of people we want to be.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Oh yeah, an "Atta-boy" to Yavapai County SO and Kittantuweh!

Guys, sometimes I wish everybody lived in our town. Everybody is nice here. And there's a bit of racial tension here but you should see how many races we have! We got like two dozen tribes, the Tejanos, tons of white people but everybody is kinda intermixed and intermingled. You are never exactly sure who you are talking to because the red-haired, blue-eyed gal you want to talk to in the bar could be a fully-fledged tribal member.

And women have a LOT of power in this town. Our women tell us to shut up and sit down, it's a fair bet we will. Guys in this town are pretty rough and tough but then there's our women. Hoo boys, when the women come out with the yucca whips, if you don't know it's time to run then you are one drunk indian. They will sip the skin right off your body. Fley you alive they will.

Where does this fit in with being an American patriot? Heck man, we do this by choice. Don't ask us why but we wouldn't leave our women and children for nothing except to go to jail once in a while to kind of take a break from life.

Anyways, thanks to Yapapai County AZ Sheriffs, you guys have always been professionals and I'll call some names; deputies Murray, Griffith and VIP Erry responded along with some Prescott PD brass. The response time, given our geographic dispersal, was admirable. That was about 7 minutes. Guys, we appreciate you bunches and in this day of mistrust of LEOs, I kinda wish everybody could vacation in Prescott just to see that there is one town left in America where things go more or less like they are supposed to.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.