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Let's NOT let the next moneybomb fail! October 19 - Let's prepare NOW!!

The Constitution Money Bomb was a success. It was smaller than out last one, but still a million bucks! The superbomb was less than 100k though, so let's take the time to prepare for the next one. The date is October 19, it's a Wednesday. Save the date!

The MOST effective thing you can do right now is to "attend" the Facebook event and invite your friends so we can get as many people to know about the event as possible. Our biggest money bomb was about $2 million and we did that because of the power of social media. Let's out do that one. Go to this Facebook event:


(Also, if you have Stumbleupon, thumb up this event page, too!)

Click "I'm Attending" and then invite as many friends as you can to this event. For a method to quickly invite all your friends, see this:


How to invite all your friends to a Facebook Event
For Firefox:
1. Install an Add-on

2. Install a Script

3. Refresh Facebook page

4. On your Event click on invite people and you will have a Select all button


For Google Chrome just install the Script

Why is it important? Well because for everyone to clicks "I'm attending" and invites friends, you're starting a massive chain of invites! Not only do your friends get invited and then invite their friends, they'll see "X is attending MoneyBomb", and then most importantly, everyone will get a notice on Facebook ON THE DAY of the money bomb and will be reminded to donate. This is critical.

From the website:

The media has ignored, blacked out, downplayed and lied about Ron Paul and we are sick of it! Lets give the media something they can not ignore, the largest one day online fundraiser in political history!

So please, let's get started now, we have a month to prepare, invite all your friends NOW and you'll have a whole month worth of chain invites to the event!

(Also please upvote this post using the + on the left so we can spread the awareness)

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Let's start here

and of quarter PUSH ticker is up:


over 1800 attending! :)

over 1800 attending! :)





We need to get the new supporters on board

I have a feeling it is the same 20K people donating every time. We need to inform all the new support he has gotten that are not following the day to day updates of the campaign. We should encourage every Paul supporter to donate something, even if its a dollar. Then the campaign will have the email addresses to get the word out in the future. Plus, for the black out bomb it would look good to have 50k or more donations.

Best way to prepare for and increase the moneybomb?

Participate in the new phone from home campaign!


Think about it:

We clearly need to expand the donor base. But there aren't that many ways most of us can do that. We already tell our friends, and it's too difficult and unfamiliar to just start going door to door by ourselves. So let's swarm this relatively easy way of helping!

But just as important, this is a way to help the campaign spend the money we give them more efficiently and effectively. The calls help the campaign focus on which people to send information to, so they don't waste money mass mailing material to people who are just going to throw it away. And, since volunteers are making the calls, the campaign doesn't have to pay people!

Finally, this is a way for us to take the political temperature of Iowa. Admit it, don't you want to get a sense of how average people will react to information about Ron Paul!?

Let's do this!


I'm signed up, have a sitter and am going to make calls tomorrow

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Money Bombs = Ron Paul's Security

Let's not take his bravery for granted. At least that's the way I'm starting to look at things. I mean, this man's ideas threaten some very powerful people and he is treading in some very dangerous waters, right? But it doesn't seem to phase him a bit to speak out every chance he gets. I'm sure a good security team is not cheap. Forget about donating to help spread the word - the word is already out there. Now it's time to help keep our guy protected.

another money=bomb

I believe one of two things are happening.

1) The powers that be have initiated a plan to start pumping out bombs left and right. Fundraisers on top of fundraisers. Personally I haven't donated to a fundraising attempt yet due to their frequency and limited impact. Its a setup. A game. Flood the senses and no one will feel anything.

2) Overzealous people thinking more equals merrier. The more money bombs we have the more money we'll get! This is a false. The more money grabbers you have the faster the base gets burnt out.

One a month sounds even. One ever two months sounds better. One major Money bomb early in the campaign trail. Now that would be a sight. But sadly from this point out the bombs will be duds. Why? Cause there are far to many to sustain their break neck speed.

Scale them back. Raise the impact.


None of the campaign money bombs have been duds. All of this early money is worth more than if we would have had just one giant money bomb in Nov. If it wasn't for the past money bombs Ron wouldn't have done so well in the Iowa straw poll and he wouldn't be polling as well as he is now. Last time around yeah he had a big money bomb and it was to late and he didn't win.

Agree completely

The 6 million dollar money bomb got people to take notice. I understand the campaign needs regular funds to plan. However, please no more than one per month!


its not about how many bombs per mo, its about how much OUR campaign needs, so lets step up! After Dr. Paul is President, we will all be better off for it

Well how about we just all

Well how about we just all agree now to make this next one the big one? Why can't we do that?

It's currently the only planned moneybomb, so lets go with it. It's good a good theme if it's successful too, the media have to report a massive amount of income, they then also will have to report the reason for the 'BlackThisOut' moneybomb is that they've been ignoring him!

Yes the money bomb is going

Yes the money bomb is going to happen so lets just make it awesome. There have been times I have thought...hmm that's a little soon but I just try my best to promote it anyway. Lets hit twitter, facebook, forums, friends, family, strangers, anyone, everyone hard!

We can only do that if we get

We can only do that if we get more people to participate and there isn't any effective way to reach the supporters we already have. I mean, there are at least 1 million Paul supporters but we can't even get 5% of them to donate.

Oh, there are new supporters every day

especially after the debate. We all better be driving around with our bumper stickers and car signs and create a Ron Paul 2012 MEME



I didn't even know about the one on saturday until sometime on friday... and I am on this site every day.

Thanks for being on top of this one.

Yep, same here! Hopefully

Yep, same here! Hopefully this will help more people plan for it!

This time.

If the next one is in a month can we please put it on the front page early and start pointing people to it now?
I think the last one went okay but there had been people pointing out for over a month the confusion on the date and the campaign release the news a little bit late I think. so please front page it now so we have plenty of time to plan ahead

This is exactly why I posted

This is exactly why I posted this now :) I think we need to raise awareness now so:

1) We can spread the word as much as possible
2) So people can budget for it. E.g. Put away a bit of money each week so on the day it won't hurt as much. Don't buy those coffees for 4 weeks and donate what you saved!

That's great idea but I'm

That's great idea but I'm confused, exactly who's money bomb are we talking about on the 19th the Campaign or the Super PAC? I think it was big mistake to hold the two last money bombs a day apart. Confused the hell out of me. Are we going to continue to have these fund raisers stepping all over each other or too often?

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

This one is for the campaign.

This one is for the campaign. I don't think there is another bomb planned for the PAC.

To be honest, the PAC shouldn't rely on grassroots or 'moneybombs'. They can take unlimited funds from businesses, organizations and individuals, so they should be out there talking to rich people, trying to get donations, while the grassroots does what it can for the campaign.

No Bomb for Super PAC

Agreed. A moneybomb is a means of motivating the smaller donors to come together to make a big impact. A moneybomb for a Super PAC defies logic.

"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident
which everybody has decided not to see."
— Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead)

We have a month...

to boost the new donor base...we need to bring the message of liberty to more people...we need new supporters, that means we have to get some facetime with actual people and get out in the streets...

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt

Lets figure out how to invite

Lets figure out how to invite 500,000 fans of Ron Paul on Facebook, and the 500,000 members of Campaign for Liberty. The RP2012 campaign should have this information.

I propose "poor-mans moneybomb" where we say we are asking for donations between $10-$50 and stress that it is about the numbers of donors.

We hit them up within the next two weeks and then again the day before the moneybomb, but we need some inspirational videos.

You personally can't invite

You personally can't invite people who aren't your friends, and because 'Ron Paul' on Facebook is a 'page' not a person, he can't invite all the people who 'like' him unfortunately.

Can he "see" who the people

Can he "see" who the people are that liked him? All we need are the names...

Nope, Facebook took away this

Nope, Facebook took away this ability unfortunately.

So the Facebook page is just

So the Facebook page is just a waste - no way to harvest those people?

Ron needs to set-up a real FB page then...

hey guys, this is important!

hey guys, this is important!