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Nation's Largest Election Sign Project Needs Donations

Hey guys.

My meetup group is building the nations largest (to our knowledge) election sign.

I tried to get this going back in 2007 but I wasn't able to raise enough funds and the idea never really got off the ground. This time i've made a website with a Chip In function. www.bigronpaulsign.com Please consider helping out.

Here's the plan (snipped from the site)-
To build the largest election sign in U.S.

The sign, which will be over 80 feet long will read " RON PAUL 2012 ." Each 8 foot tall letter will be cut out of plywood and painted with a reflective white paint. When complete, the sign will be similar in style to the famous HOLLYWOOD sign.

The sign will be located in a field next to a busy stretch of I-44 highway outside Carthage, MO. This stretch of highway has over 40,000 travellers per day. The goal of the sign is to attract attention from local, regional and national media outlets which will report on the efforts of the grassroots Ron Paul support. This project will be done in conjunction with Southwest Missouri and Springfield Mo meetup groups. When this project is successful, it will serve as a blue print for other meetup groups and we could see these giant signs all over the country! We have the volunteers and tools to make this project happen, but we need help with funding for some of the materials. Please consider supporting this project by donating using the link on the right hand side of this page.

I know the site could be better, but it's the best I could do with my very limited resources/skills.

If you want to donate to grassroots or have reached your "official campaign" $2,500 limit please consider donating to this project.

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