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Leap For Liberty: Skydivers Will Kick Off Event For Ron Paul Next Week

Skydivers will jump from a helicopter over Derry on Sept. 29 for an aerial display and then land in a residential yard, highlighting a special question-and-answer session about the future of the nation with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

"When you sky dive, ultimately, you take responsibility for yourself. There's a reward, but also risk," Erica Layon said. "That's the essence of Paul; if people expect to have rewards, they should be willing to take risk."

Skydiving is self-regulated, she said, not mandated.

"It's about self-government for those people who choose to participate in it. It's strange how it really dovetails," she said. "You need to look out the door yourself, make sure it's safe. Ultimately, it's your responsibility, although you rely on those around you."

What: Leap for Liberty, a question-and-answer event with Ron Paul
When: Thursday, Sept. 29, 6 p.m.
Where: 1 Lee Circle, Derry, N.H.
RSVP: Call 470-9464 or check in at Facebook.com

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Event was a sucess, despite cancelled jump due to weather

Thank you guys for paying attention to this event. We had to cancel the jumps because of the weather, but we plan to jump our 75 foot Ron Paul banners soon and invite the media. We also are thinking of letting jumpers around the country with enough experience use these banners too, and we would love to have his flag fly all around the country! Despite really strong rain, we still had about 200 people and a lot of people from the media. We had A LOT of undecideds there, which was our goal and I think that everyone came away with a much better understanding of Ron Paul and his ideas.

Jumping for RP

I don't have enough experience to fly the banners I am sure, but I would certainly appreciate votes for my canopy design at this URL:


There is a possibility of me winning it. I would fly it PROUDLY

A skydiving Ron Paul event,

A skydiving Ron Paul event, wonderful idea. Wish I heard of the event sooner, would have been a great opportunity to grab some tunnel time in Nashua before a Ron Paul speech.


If you live in NH, please support this event and bring some undecided voters. Event starts at 6pm.

Sorry I am unable to be

Sorry I am unable to be there. That woudl be really fun. If I might, I would like to ask all of my friends at The Daily Paul who are members of Facebook to like this page http://www.facebook.com/nzaerosports and then go here and like my entry into the SkyArt Competition where I could win my canopy design and proudly fly the Revolution whenever I jump :)


Gold & Silver: Promote colorful shiny coin!

Let the sky divers promote sound money. Trim their jumpsuit & regalia with Gold & Silver.

I have written many comments on the DailyPaul metals forum about the adventures of Gold & Silver cliff divers. Recently, they used a helicopter.

Coin don't burn. Vote for sound money. Vote for your sound future.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

That is a TRULY cool

That is a TRULY cool idea--sure hope is successful and there are PICS.

NICE! I'm looking forward to the video!


This has the potential to be a repeating theme for Ron...

As the article and comments have pointed out, the liberty message is central to skydiving operations!

1) Skydivers will often describe their enthusiasm for the sport as "the ultimate feeling of freedom," or words to that effect.

2) The themes of risk and responsibility are very obvious.

3) Drop Zones are classic small businesses, trying to find a profit while maintaining safety - exactly the kind of balance progressives claim is impossible: "No way they can provide safe operations if they have a profit motive!" But the industry record is outstanding.

4) The equipment providers are self-regulating.

5) The training programs are standardized through voluntary accredidations.

6) and more, I'm sure.

With a bit of thought, I bet there is a message thread that could be developed to relate skydivers to the cause of liberty in a decent sound bite. Then skydivers could show up everywhere Ron goes, to underline the point :-) There are drop zones and exhibition teams everywhere.

It would be nearly as dramatic and eyecatching as a blimp - but orders of magnitude cheaper.

I wonder how strong his support is in that community already - my guess is pretty strong. The teams might even perform at a discount and say a word or two when they land somewhere.

One of the coolest stories of innovation I ever heard is the introduction of a revolutionary new cutaway system for skydivers. Faced with the challenge of doing something completely new and different in such a high-risk industry, the threat of a mishap and the resulting crush of lawsuits led Bill Booth to name his fledgling new company the "Uninsured Relative Workshop." He rolled out his product under the banner of a tiny, cash-strapped business that had no insurance, and proclaimed it in the name! He basically said, "go ahead and sue -- there's no payoff here for you other than to close my doors. The entire industry appreciated his contribution and his courage in delivering it - they were never sued and grew to be quite a large supplier.

I'm voting for Peace.



Go Ron Go!

Just want to point out

I am still amazed every time I see stories like this because I think to myself about the other candidates and how their "supporters" do nothing near to these events at all.

This could really be cool.

If promoted right by the campaign. Get the local news to cover it from every angle. Interview the sky divers and get some great freedom thoughts from them. Interview Ron Paul. With enough fan-fare, the big media might just have to nudge in and report. You don't see activities like this with any other candidate! Just a fantastic photo opportunity all around, and especially in New Hampshire. Paul really needs a good turn out there. Big shows in Iowa, New Hampshire, NV, and S. Carolina will bode very well going forward. "Live Free or Die" - I hope that really still rings true in N.H.

alan laney


I like all the details about this event. Skydiving, on private property, Q+A session- not a fundraiser.

hopefully its a smooth landing

(knock on wood)

so cool

that's great. i had an idea of skywriting "ron paul 2012" above a major city, or many of them. or a hot air balloon. that's some serious cash, though.


Great find.TY

You are very welcome.

You are very welcome.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--