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Warming Idiots Claim 'Missing' Global Heat Is Hiding

You got to laugh at what these people think they can get away with. But then again they have been getting away with it for centuries, so why not?

But people are waking up to all their lies.


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Some idiots

will fall for their lies, because they don't know simple science, and also because the lies omit key information that some people won't realize was omitted.
Such as water vapor being the over-riding "greenhouse gas", which makes any "anthropogenic" additions show up as less than negligible.

Here's the thing. A lot of political capital and buying of "scientists" has been used for 30 years or more, and they aren't going to let up on this just because they got caught in a huge conspiracy of scientists that got caught. So, they are "acting like they didn't get caught conspiring", and just moving along as if nothing happened.
They are going to try to push this forward, because it essentially creates the global control scheme they have been working for. And it does it ALL based on lies.


And they use their controlled media and Government to push their lies.


From the article:
Trenberth and the other researchers ran five computer simulations of global temperatures, taking into account the interactions between the atmosphere, land, oceans and sea ice, and basing the simulations on projected human-generated greenhouse gas emissions.
These simulations all indicated global temperature would rise several degrees this century. But all of them also showed periods when temperatures would stabilize before rising. During these periods, the extra heat moved into deep ocean water due to changes in ocean circulation, the scientists said.

Idk, but I'm not ready to dismiss their theory yet. If radiation is being trapped within the earth's atmosphere, isn't it possible that heat is being trapped within the earth, as well? Kind of like the way a microwave oven cooks - from the inside out.