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Does REVPAC read this forum?

They don't make it easy for me to get in touch on their site, so I'll post my suggestion here, and hopefully they'll read it or someone might be able to pass it along if it's deemed worthy.

I think they should license their ad "Plastic Men" to supporters who would run the ad using the Google tv ads service.

It's easy. Like super easy. The PAC makes the file available, the user creates a campaign, choosing for themselves when and where they want the ad to run. Anyone like to run that ad during the O'Reilly Factor? And it is cheap...or can be. You bid on the time. I won't get into all the details here, but I thought it might be cool to give people another way to participate in a uniquely meaningful way. I dig the sense of ownership...of being able to sit back and watch that ad, even if it's at 3am, and know that it is on the air in no small part because you helped put it there.

I know the folks at the SuperPAC have their plan for where they want to use this resource. I know that they would prefer that you donate the $100 dollars you were going to spend airing the spot during Hannity, to them so they can focus on some key early states. And you should send them money so that they can do that.

I think you should also be able to air the spot when you want to. Maybe you are damn sure that there are other people that watch Family Guy at 3am that are just like you...and you love Ron Paul, so they probably will too - right? And so what if they don't live in one of the early primary states? It's spreading the message right? Growing the brand...the base...the bombers.

So there you go. It's an idea. Do what you will with it.

You can watch the video intro to google tv ads at: http://www.youtube.com/user/GoogleTVAds#p/a/u/1/jhlQjMYkCcA

UPDATE: Slate did a report on using the service. http://money-cake.com/2010/03/use-google-tv-ads-to-easily-ad...

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