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U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and the Consolidation of North America

It is important to keep in mind that the move towards a North American security perimeter is being done without congressional or parliamentary approval. There is no reason to trust that our governments will strike any kind of balance between security and freedom. That is why it is imperative that we demand more transparency and input. With a joint action plan expected to be released soon, it is my hope that Canadians and Americans will reject any perimeter security deal that reduces privacy rights and further puts our sovereignty at risk.

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Its true

Its only in fear that we become bound.

The Problem Is Few People Know What A Security Actually Is

A security is a bond on a human slave.

Thus a Security Perimeter is being built around the British Crown's North American Debt Slave Plantaion to "Secure" the "securitized" collateral, that is to say to keep the human slaves securely in place.

The way you can tell if you are free or a slave is if you are able to create and use real money or not.
Free men create and use real money to trade freely with one another. Free men might use corn, sugar, salt, gold, or silver, all products of their labor to trade freely with one another. Slaves on the other hand are forced to use shares of their own labor which are issued back to them by their owners in the form of some type of paper promissory notes. Slaves cannot issue their own currency or can only do so in very limited amounts by getting their owners permission. In America they make you believe you can only create and use your own credit by getting your owners permission to do so through a federal reserve bank, not true but subject for another day!

You see your entire life's labor has been securitized, that is to say claimed by someone other than you. Small problem, eh? You are a securitized slave, they are holding a bond on you. This is called being held in bondage. Your Berth Certificate bond holder issues shares of your labor to various plantation managers for a fee in the form of interest. You see, on a plantation the plantation manager may not be the bondholder of the slaves, the slaves could be rented from the actual bondholder, sort of like an employment agency. In fact the plantation land could be rented too. This is how the American Plantation is actually set up. The Vatican owns the land. The British Crown claimed the land from the heathen and so it gets a perpetual share of the Royalties collected. The Bank of England (Federal Reserve Branch) holds title to the slaves' labor and rents it back to the Plantation managers who also rent the land from the Crown and the Vatican. The plantation manager is a corporation called U.S. Government. It rents shares of human slave labor from the Federal Reserve by borrowing shares of slave labor at interest (rent).

A security is a bond upon a Man or Woman to perform a contract. Purely stated if this bond is put upon the Man or Woman without his or her fully informed consent and free will then it is slavery.

The way the British Crown Corporation enslaves the people in Canada and America is by issuing Berth Certificate Securities on us, that is to say to sell our future labor, to sell us. These Berth Certificate Securities on us are deposited through the Global DTTC to the local DTC at 55 WATER STREET NEW YORK, NY 10041. The Bank of England, Federal Reserve Branch then issues shares of each of our future individual slave labor called bonded prommissory notes. These shares of our flesh are just that, shares of labor in "one of the Crown's slaves". You see these slave shares every day. In the U.S. they are called Federal Reserve Notes. In the U.K. they are called Pounds, pounds of slave flesh not pounds silver.

So a Security Perimeter is being built around North America to keep the "securitized persons", human slaves that is, YOU, from escaping the Plantation as you become aware of your being held in bondage to the Bank of England.

The Internet presented a problem when it went operational a little over twenty years ago. The truth started to spread among the slaves on Earth. First in Russia (1988) then China (1989), then the Crown Plantations. In East Germany the people and the Army actually read their own Constitution for the first time. They then decided the government was asking them on a daily basis to violate their own constitution so the army said no more! This presented a serious threat to the Global Slave masters who had set up the Soviet Union, Crown Colonies, China and other slave States. To counter the impending Global slave awakening and imminent failure of the mental chains of bondage, something had to be done quickly to keep the Plantation Owner's slaves secure. In the early 1990's The Banker's devised a plan to create Terrorism to scare the slaves into accepting the construction of vast new security agencies. First they used "domestic terrorism" as an excuse by attacking the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas and setting up Timothy McVeigh as a Patsy to blow up their own offices in Oklahoma City. Then they brought in the first attack against the world trade center. None of these were sufficient to scare the slaves so they started having their "Terrorism" agents run by the CIA blow up Embassies. Still the slaves did not feel scared enough to let fourth grade bullies grope their breasts and put fingers In their orifices at the airport.

A bigger scare was needed. Therefore 9/11 was planned to scare the living begebers out of the slaves. It worked splendidly. They were very nervous it whether it could be pulled off smoothly. Bush waited an entire hour to make sure he hadn't been caught before deciding the staged attacks had been safely pulled off and he could now act the part of slave savior. I love the look on his face at the school when he had to pretend they were telling him about the planes hitting the world trade center for the first time. Any normal human being would have had a visible reaction. He had zero reaction. He already knew and was playing dumb.

Presto, Patriot Act, massive military mobilization to attack a non existent enemy.

TSA, Homeland "Security", and the Army's Northcom are all being constructed to keep you "secure" in your "homes" or to place you in a prison or FEMA camp to secure you in case you try to escape the Plantation. This prison system is almost complete. Once you have mentally become aware that you are a slave they know you will try to flee the Plantation. Or revolt. Also Police are being retrained to resrtict the slaves movement on the Plantion by setting up roadblocks to catch any unregistered persons, free men from moving around and to steal any unregistered vehicles, that is to say to steal any cars not belonging to the government. Yes registered motor vehicles are government property. Read the ten planks of the communist manifesto. There was a complete takeover of America by slave traders between 1861 and 1933. This process was completed long ago and now that you are waking up to the reality of being a securitized asset, human slave, the bondholders are taking the necessary steps to build a vast internal, Global external, and Continental Perimeter state security apparatus to keep you "secure" as their slaves.

With the psychological chains that have bound you so successfully for two centuries failing they must now put the real chains back on you.

You are being re-secured. Your chains will be checked hourly and tightened around you until they cut your flesh.

The Oracle

where I live . . .

people in the country are quietly trading labor for goods--

we know several people who have the equipment to do so who take care of their neighbors' hay in exchange for meat/food.

No money ever changes hands. We have enough items for barter that we could do this, if we had to, but it's already happening among people we know.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Great! You Can Also Use Credit Offset Accounting

This way you use a value system of something like eggs or straw bales as your unit of measurement. Choose a highly price stable commodity or use an hour of unskilled labor or skilled labor etc. as your unit of measurement. For example, I trade my labor welding at a forty five DOLLAR current value equivalent. However, my labor vs. one of my friend's labor trades at 2.25 to one. So if there is inflation in u.s. Dollars it doesn't matter because our labor exchange has a fixed ratio. I give him an hour of what I do, he gives me 2.25 hours of what he does. He can also exchange his particular skilled labor at twenty DOLLARS an hour equivalent current value, however he can always trade one hour of his skills for two hours of unskilled labor. So we can all set our trade value ratios for labor with each other and then it doesn't matter what happens to u.s. currency.

So just give the first guy credits to do something for you and write down how many hours of your skilled or unskilled labor you now owe him. Then when he wants to he can use your hours of labor and adjust down to the amount you still owe or he can transfer your hours of labor to someone else. This way you can trade services as well as goods and you can circulate the credits for various goods or services as a currency. Thus you can each create and circulate your own currency in the form of coupons for your particular service or good. Just don't ever settle out in federal reserve notes or sell one of your coupons for federal reserve notes or they can come after you for selling an unregistered security in their banking system, stay out of their system. Create a totally separate local system and tell them to go blow if they give you trouble, just don't do any sort of currency exchange into federal reserve notes. That's all federal reserve notes are anyway credits for labor or certificates for goods.
So theirs is a competing system of credits for goods and services. Of course they are claiming they can promise all of your goods and services to pay for anything they want. They are wacko aristocrats. Quit taking orders from them in the form of freshly printed Federal Notes, those are just orders from the castle, ignore them.

The problem with the federal reserve notes is "others" (not We The Producers) are issuing 97.5 % of the certificates for our goods and services thus stealing from us.
So cut the thieves out of the loop and trade only with other producers. I read a great book about this called Starving the Monkeys, you can look up Tom Baugh and his book online.

The Oracle

But there is HOPE.

The Rock, Christ Jesus. For in one day it will all be gone.