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Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust

From the Jim Marrs website at http://www.jimmarrs.com/news_events/news/ron-paul-the-only-one-we-can-trust/ -


I have rarely — perhaps never — posted items on this site asking readers to pass it along, make it “viral” as they say. But today I am making an exception to this rule. Please spare less than 10 minutes to watch this video and pass it along to everyone you can. Our nation is in dire circumstances and the forces of oppression, tyranny, deception and distortion, although continuing to weaken thanks to the consciousness raising taking place, nevertheless remain strong. This is largely due to the ownership they have over the five corporations that control virtually everything the American public sees and hears. So do your part to break this corporate stranglehold of information by passing along this powerful video about the one national politician that has consistently spoken truth about the vital issues we face. He may not be the panacea to every ill in America, but he offers a place to start. Tell everyone you know that if those who say “I like what he says but he cannot be elected,” would simply go out and vote for him, he could have the votes to win.



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