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Ron Paul storms California Republican straw poll: CA Independent Voter Network

by Christopher A. Guzman

Having attended this year's convention, I would argue that it was Paul who offered the GOP a genuine alternative. In a convention address to the Republican Liberty Caucus, Paul offered a novel message that could reach across partisan lines. Besides putting forth his typical, limited government message on domestic policy, the Texas Congressman said that he can unite all political stripes on the issue of getting the United States out of wars which he believes have no Constitutional grounding.

"It's not only conservative Republicans, it's not only libertarian Republicans, it's not only the Independents who have been disgusted with politics for a long time. But there are some good decent progressives, the ones who are honest, and not the demagogues who believe that a different foreign policy would be good and are with us on this," he told the packed room.


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