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Video: Perry is going all in PRO Isreal

He is on CNN talking tough on Iran and Ultra pro Isreal

My jewish buddy was leaning paul because of a long effort of mine he just called me and said perry is his guy now....how many jews are there in the US ? Do you guys see this as a big problem for us?

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScLqyoz-_xI

q & a: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cmkyP41An8

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Pro-Zion, Obama leads Perry.

Following the tense meeting, a Palestinian Authority official joked: “Obama has obviously joined the Zionist movement.”

Some of the

Jewish republicans I know (and there aren't that many: most Jews are democrats) are sold on Rick Perry because he won the 2009 "Defender of Jerusalem" award. Most of the Jewish republicans are being more cautious: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/post/rick-perrys...

If your Jewish friend wants to get a real perspective

of what Israel is really like, from an American Jew who moved to the great (sic) Jewish homeland, he should learn by reading Jack Bernstein's book. Here, is a site where it can be veiwed www.jackbernstein.blogspot.com
It is a good place to send any pro Israel worshipper, to learn some real truths about how the country is ruled. And, remember this was 20+ yrs ago, before the Palestinians were walled in, and the mass destruction of Palestinian homes for Jewish settlements were in continual progression. Also, direct them to articles, books, and videos of ex CIA Michael Sheuer, who is Jewish and was the Chief officer of a bin Laden task force, who has on the ground knowledge of Middle East affairs.

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Thanks for the tips;

_look forward to some good reading.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Sorry to say

For a Jew to supporting somebody who will deliberately provoke one of Israel's enemies is a terrible idea. WW3 is about to kick off in the middle-east over the Palestinian issue if the US veto in the UN.

Ron Paul would avoid any blow-back by withdrawing from the UN, therefore it would probably pass through and Israel would have to deal with it.

The trouble with Israel is they have double standards. They forced the UN to acknowledge them as a Country through the US and now the same thing is being tried by the Palestinians and they're going to use the US to block it. They've had over 60 years to solve this problem they created and have showed zero intention of brokering any peace deal.

All of us peace loving people hate what happened to the Jews before and during the holocaust, but we have to face facts, they've been hiding behind the holocaust for far too long and it's all going to blow up if something positive doesn't happen soon.

IMO, too many powerful decision-makers

who are born-again Christians or Christian fundamentalists are exceedingly dangerous for the US and the world because their philosophy drives them to create the conditions for Armageddon.

IMO, too many powerful decision-makers

who are born-again Christians or Christian fundamentalists are exceedingly dangerous for the US and the world because their philosophy drives them to create the conditions for Armageddon.

1000 x 1000 & Holocaust.

thanks for the historical background of zion. few people know or remember how the zionist state was created. In some european countries (& maybe canada) it is a punishable offense if you question or deny the 6-million number of jews killed by the german nazis.
What the nazis did was wrong, no one should suffer persecution on the basis of religion or race.
Let us do a little math, if a 1000 persons were killed everyday (without failing) for a 1000 days it would come to a million. By increasing the days you get increase in deaths. This does not seem probable /possible, = just imagine, => first you have point out the target, i.e. jews, then gather, transport, kill, dispose, hide, etc. Remember jews are also known to be very intelligent.
Like the 911 case the holocaust does not compute, some things just do Not add up. Yet someone who was not involved, nor is the accused, is suffering the consequence, and is paying the price. A scripted drama, tragedy for some.

Perry is just doing a bit of normal propaganda for Israel

The controllers of the world hide behind the Jew label and they are not even real Jews.

They created Nazi Germany and the Holocaust to create the support for the Israel state and ever since they have used all their organizations to crush any debate about Israel's horrible policies.

The media and the Government are owned by the same elite and are used to push their agenda and they own all mainstream politicians and use them to do the propaganda for them.

Nothing new here, don't fall for the theater. It is not real and is designed to keep us in the dark, divided, angry, clueless and fighting amongst ourselves.

Ratchet Effect / Sqeeze by U$ury.

thanks for your posts, they are informative, and throw light on what forces are behind the scenes. You wrote :
"media and the Government are owned by the same elite",
these 'elite' are the ones who control the money supply, and the money machine has a ratchet effect, = raises interest, the usury that squeezes mankind, + their govts & corps. Its power increases with time, there is no stop to it.
See - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratchet_effect

Perry reminded me of

Perry reminded me of G.W.Bush... sorry, why we keep send there idiots to WH?

Ron Paul, the Thomas Jefferson in 21st century

So is your friend jewish first or American first? Where does he

stand when Israel does wrong?

Is he honestly so clueless as to think Iran is more of a threat to Israel than Israel is to Iran?

We debated a little

After this clip aired we talked I said let's just pretend Iran had a bomb tomorrow , and they know isreal has 300 nukes do you really believe they will launch it and commit suicide as a country ?

He says yes I do ! He went on to say that I had no idea what's really going on over there ,and they are training people to be suicide bombers and they will stop at nothing to destroy isreal . And also that I should read debka file to learn more !

So I said what ! Maybe I should read the official word from irans propaganda ! I could not believe how 1 sided he could be , I tried to explain that Iran has not started an offensive war in 200 years and that the palastinians maybe have some legitimate gripes . But I don't think I made a dent he is pretty dug in on this topic , he is open minded on some other things but I would have to say he has been fully indoctrinated to hate Iran , so much so that he even supports the US bombing them .

He then asked me where I stood ...do I want Iran to have a nuke ? I said no but im not willing to commit the united states to war to prevent it . I said point blank to bomb Iran after the Iraq experience is total insanity . Again I don't think I made a dent ....maybe after he sleeps on it he will soften his view tomorrow this debate did happen right after perry got him all fired up about it .


Remind him how many suicide bombers

have come from Iran... big fat 0.

Remind him where 95% of suicide bombers do come from... lands percieved as occupied by foriegn militaries.

Pandering Perry

Perry panders equally to all religious denominations.

You give him too much credit. He will not do what he says; he is saying what he thinks the people in front of him want to hear.

Paul ante portas.

I agree

I said to my friend perry is completely full of shit he just threw you a piece of red meat and you pounced on it like a tiger ! He admitted yes he sold me . All I could do was shake my head in disappointment .

Some people we are not gonna reach ... But I will still torture my friend on this all the way to election day we work together so maybe I can wear him down we will see .


Oh my, in the second youtube

Oh my, in the second youtube link posted, at 3:46 in Rick Perry says, "I will hope you tell the people of Israel that help is on the way."

Perry is as fake as a $3 bill.

Israel is not being "protected," by being surrounded with war. It's in America's AND Israel's best interests to END THE WARS.

If the wars in the Middle East do not end soon, both Israel and the United States will no longer exist in the near future.

My prediction is that if the Middle East continues to burn with the fires of war raging in various countries, the firestorm will eventually spill over into Israel.

This will cause global social, economic and political uphevel in an epic way.

END THE WARS! PEACE AND PROSPERITY is better for the bottom line in the long run!


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This is the declared plan

First make wars in all Arab countries from the Atlantic Ocean to China, then get Israel into the wars and then expand to Russia and China.

This will bankrupt America and break down all other super powers with the intend of paving the way for a one world government.

The plan has been outlined in the elite's documents for decades. See David Icke for details, he has written about it for a long, long time.

Not sure how this is distinguishing Perry whatsover.

If anything this is only further solidifying his platform as closely as possible with Romney, Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich, etc, etc, etc. Don't really see how this would be a really big boost other than to try to absorb the rest of the field's potential votes.

Perry is done anyway.

Yes it's about getting Romney votes

He is trying to out warmonger the rest of the field I hope it works for him and he knocks out the rest of them, I think Paul would do better against perry than Romney so after I have had some time to think about it I'm thinking this will be good for us because we were never going to get the pro war vote anyway .


i have many jewish frieds,

i have many jewish frieds, and none of them i know of buy into this propaganda. some of them aren't voting, and the ones who are are voting for the doctor.

ron paul needs to talk about the draft

that would inevitably come from a perry presidency. how does perry intend to protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness if the only way to "protect" israel, in the view of establishment reps., is to invade iran? where would he get the manpower? i have never heard perry talk about removal or reduction of troops from the middle east (or santorum, for that matter). the only logical conclusion is that perry would reinstate the draft. this would be worse than vietnam and i think ron paul needs to bring this scenario to the forefront. if the war lovers could see that they themselves or their children/grandchildren might have to fight involuntarily, many minds would be changed.

This is extremely important!! You are right --there is now talk

of a new draft! I am sure this is planned for a Rick Perry or other neocon Presidency.

Ron Paul should EXPOSE them and their plans.

Ann in Florida

To be expected

Many of the Perry articles lately over at the neocon sites have comments like "Well, Perry may not have the best record (That's putting it lightly!), but his pro-Israel stance cannot be questioned!" Of course he's going to play it up.

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yes but he is doubling down

He just wants to be the unquestionable uber Isreal all the way go to guy


yes but he is doubling down

He just wants to be the unquestionable uber Isreal all the way go to guy


This is really more about the

This is really more about the Christian vote than the Jewish vote, I would think. On that note, I recently read the following passage that should give 100% pro-Israel people some pause:

"He [God] will attack the wicked nation,
and the nation that helps those who commit sin."
Isaiah 31:2b NET

This verse was talking in context about the alliance between Egypt and Israel. It was a judgement against Egypt because they were helping Israel while they were in sin. There is a common mantra that "those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed" and so we should be friends of Israel. Egypt was Israel's friend when she was in sin, and God judged Egypt for it.

Israel is most certainly in sin on multiple levels -- from humanitarian abuses in the Gaza Strip to their rejection of God in general. I think any Christian should be careful about giving blind allegiance to what is, in fact and in practice, a secular nation.

This is the verse I was looking for the other day

I remember it but could not remember the verse. Though it was written in days gone by the princple still stands today.

Christians are not being lead. The blind are leading the blind. Those who claim to speak for GOD have not been told to speak.

The Nation or the people who are "not for" Christ are against Him. Christ's own words. What fellowship has belief with unbelief? This the aposticy of the end of days.
Returning to the LAW . Cancelling GRACE. Denying the Power of the blood.
What is the image of the beast, but that which once was there before. A remake. A house that Jesus Christ does not build is built in vain, for all this has been fullfilled.
A very good fraud is coming our way. Only the elect will know the difference.

& U$urious,

since ancient times and in modern history - zion has been known as the "U$urious" nation, even when they are 'religious'. Remember the golden cow, i.e. the bank. So it is not just secular or sinful, but unjust & oppressive. The bank was over-turned again 2000 years ago, see
"Righteous Indignation",
Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. In some Christian doctrines, righteous indignation is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesus drove the money lenders out of the temple. (Gospel of Matthew 21)

Hey Najam, you see this?

From this weekend's events in NYC I call this photo "The Golden Calf of Wall Street"....this pic is biblically creepy...


Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer