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Who are the celebrities that have agreed with Ron Paul?

Video clips, articles, tweets, and facebook comments.

Ronald Reagan
Judge Napolitano
Phil Donahue
Bill Gross
Jim Demint
Jay Leno
Craig James
Michael Sheuer
Vince Vaughn
Milton Friedman
Oliver Stone
Jon Stewart
Major General Smedley Butler
Nassim Taleb
Peyton Hillis
Chuck Norris
Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski
Glenn Beck
Clint Eastwood
John Stossel
Neil Cavuto
John Mayer
Stephen Colbert
Jesse Ventura
Bill Maher
Joe Scarborough
Dennis Miller
Howard Stern
Jim Rogers
Barry Manilow
Jack Cafferty
Donald Trump
Joe Rogan
LL Cool J
Glen Jacobs
Donna D'Errico
DL Hughley
Doug Stanhope
Adam Curry
Philip Defranco
Sarah Palin
Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Nolan Ryan
Sean Hannity
Nick Gillespie
Drew Carey
Peter Schiff
Hutton Gibson
Arlo Guthrie
Brian Jacobs
Ed Rendell
Walter Jones
Dennis Kucinich
Jim Cramer
Ann Coulter
Daniel Hannan
Chuck Baldwin
Justin Amash
Tucker Carlson
Joey Scarborough
Pat Robertson
Thomas Woods
Noam Chomsky
Dylan Ratigan
Lew Rockwell
Kelly Clarkson
Jimmie Vaughan
Dave Schools
Arian Foster
Roger Ebert
Norm Macdonald
Tim Thomas
Paypal founders
Overstock.com President
LL Bean Heiress
Drinking with Bob
Pastor Manning
Murray Sabrin
Juliette Lewis
Michale Graves
Mahmoud Mamdani
Aimee Allen
Penn Jillette
Jonathan Davis
Golden State
Ben Swann

Any others?

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added this one


"ron paul the most honest guy in politics" - jay leno


Aimee Allen


i shouldnt have missed that one!


LL Cool J


I don't think he's on your list yet.

The DailyPaul post to which I link has the video. It's not an endorsement from the celebrity, but I noticed that is not the exact requirement of those you include on the list.

The part of the discussion which applies to Ron Paul is a nice little clip.



Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough is on the list, however, here is what I think is a very good video: http://youtu.be/826q7RqTEk8

The good part starts at 1:30


that one is classic


think again..

think again.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIJeUM_wTCc
just another shill.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater


found another clip where he mentions ron paul


Mahmoud Mamdani

Starts on Dr. Paul at 5:00, see 6:33 and later.

Look at Professor Mahmoud Mamdanis eyes when commenting on Dr. Paul level of intelligence.







I would change that title~~that they have agreed on "some"

of Dr. Paul's policies, not necessarily all of them which is what the subject implies. :)

to agree you dont have to agree on everything

nobody agrees on everything

i didnt vote you down

another you missed

Karen Kwiatkowski

Specific media: http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/02/veterans-for-ron-paul-march-w...

Another comment already mentioned many of the obvious "celebrities" missed.

its not really a matter of missed

its a matter of searching for the best media link and making a compilation of them - it takes time so i appreciate the help

link added


got it

Yeah, I noticed in another of your comments you needed the links.

There probably are many out there regarding Kwiatkowski, that's just one I found quickly.

Keep it up, if a widely distributed list were available people could do many things...quite effective videos could be created out of such a collection of clips.

if you come across a better video segment post it

and i will update, i would say a video is better if it might have more of an influence on non paul supporters

but that one is pretty good so it might hard

Professor Murray Sabrin

good one



How about

Max Keiser? My guess is this financial analyst will probably vote for Ron Paul.

what is the best video?

post a link

For me, the question is WHERE

are the celebrities who agree with Ron Paul. We could really use ya to put in a good word right about now : )

Yeah, I've been wondering the

Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing. It is a shame that many don't come right out and say 'I endorse Ron Paul', like Snoop Dogg for example. He just seemed to beat around the bush with his one simple comment that leaves you wondering if he actually supports RP or not. It's like..grow a pair if you truly believe in RP's message and want to spread the word, lol :P

Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint is missing from the list, I think.