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Who are the celebrities that have agreed with Ron Paul?

Video clips, articles, tweets, and facebook comments.

Ronald Reagan
Judge Napolitano
Phil Donahue
Bill Gross
Jim Demint
Jay Leno
Craig James
Michael Sheuer
Vince Vaughn
Milton Friedman
Oliver Stone
Jon Stewart
Major General Smedley Butler
Nassim Taleb
Peyton Hillis
Chuck Norris
Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski
Glenn Beck
Clint Eastwood
John Stossel
Neil Cavuto
John Mayer
Stephen Colbert
Jesse Ventura
Bill Maher
Joe Scarborough
Dennis Miller
Howard Stern
Jim Rogers
Barry Manilow
Jack Cafferty
Donald Trump
Joe Rogan
LL Cool J
Glen Jacobs
Donna D'Errico
DL Hughley
Doug Stanhope
Adam Curry
Philip Defranco
Sarah Palin
Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Nolan Ryan
Sean Hannity
Nick Gillespie
Drew Carey
Peter Schiff
Hutton Gibson
Arlo Guthrie
Brian Jacobs
Ed Rendell
Walter Jones
Dennis Kucinich
Jim Cramer
Ann Coulter
Daniel Hannan
Chuck Baldwin
Justin Amash
Tucker Carlson
Joey Scarborough
Pat Robertson
Thomas Woods
Noam Chomsky
Dylan Ratigan
Lew Rockwell
Kelly Clarkson
Jimmie Vaughan
Dave Schools
Arian Foster
Roger Ebert
Norm Macdonald
Tim Thomas
Paypal founders
Overstock.com President
LL Bean Heiress
Drinking with Bob
Pastor Manning
Murray Sabrin
Juliette Lewis
Michale Graves
Mahmoud Mamdani
Aimee Allen
Penn Jillette
Jonathan Davis
Golden State
Ben Swann

Any others?

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Phil Donahue

Phil Donahue

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Superb! What a nice surprise!

I assume you meant this?



ty very much

That is a good one.

Are you talking about that clip of him the other day on Piers Morgan?

Add Kelly Clarkson





Very good one


You might

He promotes Ron Paul's End the Fed book!

Awesome! Link added.

Football Player Named Peyton Hillis -- Check It Out


"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


They ask him who he supports.


Unfortunately agreeing with isn't the same as

endorsing. I do wish the campaign would have worked a little earlier to bring a few well known people on board to help Ron Paul spread his message. Jesse Ventura tried, and he got shunned away. Barry Manilow openly spoke up for Ron, and I bet the campaign didn't even reach out and thank him, much less ask him to do a little PR spot for Ron. No telling who else would have been willing to help.

alan laney

We've got to work with what we've got.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

- Mark Twain

More will join once they gain courage, especially those that have already said some positive things or that they agree.

I think your list is

I think your list is questionable and exaggerated and misleading. Many of your examples have also flip-flopped on their on-air opinions.

Marine Major General Smedley Butler, "War is a Racket."

Most highly decorated man in US History - 2 Medals of Honor and Marine Brevet Medal (USMC equivalent of MoH).




had to bump

I found the pic i mentioned below after a lot of searching. This is Dave Schools (Widespread Panic bassist) from the NYE show 2007 with a RP sticker on his cabinet. maybe outdated and not necessarily an endorsement, but it is something.
now, back to the campaign...



Someone needs to get a hold of him!

Looks like someone is tired of the BS also!We need to get a hold of him!Listen to his new song!

Professor Griff from "Public Enemy"


I know that in this video from 2007/2008 he is actually endorsing Cynthia McKenney....but...listen to what he is saying. He gets it. Would he like Ron better if he were black...yeah probably....but the point is...he gets it.


It would be good to make a video with all the clips showing the agreement with Ron Paul. We should make the point that all other politicians are lying and even if you think you agree with them on something they won't keep their promise. The thing, which gets me is sometimes these people say things like I agree with many things with Ron Paul with the exeption of ....... And than they support someone else with whom they don't agree with on many things but maybe one.
A good video on this would be a great tool if we can make it viral.

Thanks for all your work

collecting and organizing these clips.

Very user friendly~

I'm not sure which of these qualify as celebrities but here a few more.

Daniel Hannan Endorses Ron Paul

Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government (Not about Paul but a famous clip of Hannan)

Paster Chuck Baldwin

Freedom Watch: Rep. Justin Amash Officially Endorses Ron Paul

Tucker Carson

Joe Scarborough's Son endorses Ron Paul

Pat Robertson (almost) Endorses Ron Paul



I want to note this Glenn Beck one is really good


If you know anyone under his spell.

Why doesn't some enterprising

Why doesn't some enterprising and talented Ron Paul supporter compile one video of entertainers and others, including Ronald Reagan, saying nice things about Ron Paul?

That is the plan.

Collecting resources now. Plus anyone can easily use these if we have them all collected in one spot.

Looks like someone already made one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eK_zLD8hw4

Penn Jillette

Bummed me out - I had correspondence with his manager - Mr. Jillette won't be publicly endorsing Dr. Paul this election season as of right now - Maybe we need to plaster his facebook and fan page?

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I've been searching for any bit of good he has said about Paul

And I can't find anything that he did not also pollute with claims of racism or nuttiness.

That is why I have not added a link for Penn & Teller yet.

Penn and Teller have a new TV series, right?

I think Penn wouldn't want to come out specifically for RP, but he will likely be promoting many aspects of his platform.

I don't agree with everything Penn has to say, either. I think he misses some of the beauty in the world by keeping his skeptical eye a little too tightly squinted.

I enjoy listening to him though, he's such an interesting guy and I'm always glad to have a libertarian ally. His YouTube series was great.