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RawStory.com - Republican Strategist: Ron Paul Nothing But a 'Gadfly' and Distraction

RawStory.com - Republican Strategist: Ron Paul Nothing But a 'Gadfly' and Distraction

Former Bush senior staff member Bradley Blakeman attacked Ron Paul on Fox Business, after the Texas congressman won a California straw poll by a large margin.

“Ron Paul is neither selectable by the party to be nominated or electable by the people,” he said on Monday. “Let’s get real. He’s a gadfly and nothing more than that. If I were Romney and Perry, I would be thinking of a way to get Ron Paul off the stage because he is a distraction.”

Fox Business News

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Tweet Bradley Blakeman and

Tweet Bradley Blakeman and let him know what you think of his negative comments about Ron Paul: http://twitter.com/#!/BlakemanB

Or, maybe just tell Blakeman that he's wrong about Ron Paul and that you will be voting for Dr. Paul in the primaries.

I think it's important that people in the media receive comments from Ron Paul supporters so that they realize Dr. Paul does have very real and very significant support.


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Done ! Thanks pal..

Thanks for the info john2k


This is beyond pathetic. I can't believe the arrogance and ignorance of people this high up in government.

This represents the thug mentality of the

establishment GOP (and Democrats). What's wrong with a fair fight? They can't handle that, so let's hit the guy below the knees! These people ought to be busted out for being the thugs they are. Insted, the media promotes them as "consultants". What a joke the media has become.

alan laney

Ah, Bradley Blakeman says so!

But wait a sec, who the heck is he again?

Another cacher?


I just wanna know...

how he plans on getting paul off the stage. it must be tough for romney and perry when he gets a whooping 12 seconds to speak some truth...