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September Townhall.com Straw Poll - Let's get Dr. Paul back to #1 !

Let's get Dr. Paul back to #1 in Townhall.com's Presidential Straw Poll for September.

Vote at http://pages.townhall.com/campaign/presidential-straw-poll/

Here's a compilation image I made today showing results from January 2011 through August 2011: 450x625 and a larger 1152x1600

(Moderators, I included the smaller 450x625 image in case anyone would like to embed that image into this discussion. Please feel free if you would like to do so.)

If you think this is a good idea, to get Ron Paul back to #1 in Townhall.com's straw poll, then be sure to vote it up by clicking the "+" on the left side of this message.

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