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Straw Poll Statement From Texas GOP Chairman


Thank you very much for writing regarding a straw poll in Texas.
There is a lot of misinformation circulating around the internet that you may have received. The state party held a straw poll in 2007, however, it lost money.
We thoroughly investigated the possibility of holding one for 2012, including how much staff time it would take, cost of facilities, amount of hotel rooms the State Party would have to guarantee etc.
We determined that the financial exposure to the Party would be several hundred thousand. This cost along with the fact that we could not get a majority of the candidates to commit to attending, led us to the conclusion that it was too much of a financial risk to hold. As the party was three quarters of a million dollars in debt when I took over last summer, I could not risk the Party falling back into financial distress. Another factor was that at the time we only had 7 full time staff members when typically the party has between 15 and 20 in an off year.

It should be noted that this decision was made before all the candidates in the current field decided to run for office. For example, Governor Rick Perry at the time we made our decision had indicated he was not running for president. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me directly here at the state party headquarters.

Thank you for writing and expressing your opinion,
Steve Munisteri

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Yeah, they lost money...

Maybe because they turned away pre-registered attendees? Nah...
Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll Ron Paul.

They lost money...

... if one can believe it, because they restricted voting to delegates only. If they sell voting tickets to all comers (say $20) and charge, say, a $10 entrance fee to the conference hall seating for speeches (holds about 1,500 by my guess, maybe more). They would have 25,000 people voting ($500K), 1,500 seating ($15k) and then they could charge $1,000 per booth, say, another $30K = total income $545K, plus concessions to caterers, add another, $25K - close to $600K. I guess if you come with a Washington mindset a $600K budget is too skimpy to turn a straw poll event into a money spinner. Bunch of losers. I went in 2007 as an invitee of a delegate. What a turn off it was seeing these miserable Republicans envying the exuberance of the Ron Paul people - the free people.

Plano TX

I received the same answer


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Good Answer?

It shows they do not know how to do business, have no real population to support them actually having a party, and that Perry is a dictator of the state.

But then, I don't know how TX chooses their nominated candidate.

Good answer

That was basically the only answer I was willing to accept.

Eric Hoffer

Well good for them for not

Well good for them for not spending money they do not have. Sounds like they are 'Ron Paul types' after-all....


...I received the same response to my email concerning the cancellation due to "lack of interest".