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If Ron Paul had been President in 1914, the Holocaust Would Never Have Happened

I often encounter articles seeking to support America’s worldwide military interventionism by asking non-interventionists like Dr. Paul “What would you have done about Hitler?!”

I suggest the best response is to point out that if Dr. Paul had been President instead of Woodrow Wilson, there would never

have BEEN a Hitler. I invite you to evaluate my argument, and would love to receive your comments. I'm hoping this can become a widespread and effective counter to those who would use the Hitler question as a rhetorical cudgel against Dr. Paul.

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The Ultimate What If Commercial, What If Ron Paul Were President

In 1914?
What if the U.S. Government was not bankrupted and quit claimed to foreign banksters under a Ron Paul administration in 1914?
What if U.S. Government got out of debt and was closed down thus restoring The United States of America that hired the vendor U.S. Government to act in it's place until the Republic was restored?
What if the Federal Reserve was never created?
What if America was not suckered into War by Wilson to cover up his privatization of U.S. Government?
What if the farmers never got suckered by the fed in the 1920's and thus never lost their farms?
What if the Great Depression never happened? What if the global corporations never happened?
What if Hitler never happened? What if the holocaust never happened?
What if the Korean War never happened?
What if Vietnam never happened?
What if the great society never happened?
What if the war on drugs never happened?
What if the soviet union collapsed in 1920?
What if Red China never happened?
All these events were made possible by the election of Woodrow Wilson, last president of The United States of America. That was the outcome of the election of 1912.

What will happen in this century will be largely determined by the election of 2012.
Restore The Republic, End The Fed, End The Century of Wars, End The Next Holocaust, Hitler, Mao, Stalin before the Criminal Banksters who control the U.S. Treasury can bring the next wave of their chosen tyrants to power.

Vote Ron Paul for peace, prosperity, and for a chance to finally tell the truth about what really happened to America and the world in our dark age after the election of 1912, the twentieth century of horrors.

The Oracle

Do not forget that if Ron Paul had been president at the time

there would have been no Fed signed into law. Most likely, he would have cautioned against the 16th and 17th amendments as well, AND most likely urged reconsideration at fixing the House at the arbitrary 435 limit.

THEN, there would have been no debt ceiling law. President Paul in 1914 would not have been asking for authority over the purse strings to go to a war we had no business in. So Congress would not have had its own votes to go to war because they wouldn't be able to pay for it without the loans.

Now imagine - Europe is embroiled in war. We are not. Thus our economy continues to chug along. There is no fiat currency. We now have sound banking and we retained our sound monetary specie currency.

With Europe rebuilding, we prosper even more as they buy from us since their manufacturing has been decimated.

With no Fed, there is no roaring 20s, but also no wild cat banks, no prohibition, no FFA of 1935, no depression in 1921 OR 1929 because there was no Fed induced bubble.

There will be no FDR administration. No alphabet soup agencies, no Social Security Act, No Fannie Mae (or Freddie Mac), and thus no involvement in housing in the decades to come.

No medicare, medicaid, or HMOs. Thus medical CARE stays cheap without government involvement that never happens then or in the 1970s.

There would be no war on drugs or Johnson's "Great Society" boondoggle. (he most likely would have never been president)

There'd be no national security state.

There would be no nukes - anywhere, they wouldn't have been invented.

The differences would be vast and far reaching, for sure.