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Supreme Court Justice's Startling Apology Adds Human Context To Tough Ruling

I wonder if this SCJ had just recently read the constitution before offering Mrs. Kelo an apology for allowing wealthy thieves to use the government to steal her home and property from her.


For those unfamiliar with this case search "Kelo Vs. New London. It is what started turning my eyes towards the liberty movement in 1999-2001. It was also an eye opener watching the SC rule in favor of seizing a citizens property outside the confounds of the constitution for property that was not blighted or to be used for the public good. Interesting that this SC judge had the nerve to apologize after this lady had everything stolen from her with the force of a gun, and the judge stated that he still felt the ruling was sound, even though there is nothing in the constitution that gives the government the right to take private property from one individual and give it to another private individual.