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Tony Bennett - Howard Stern Rant Makes NY Daily News - POLL

Tony Bennett, legendary crooner, delivers rant about 9/11 on Howard Stern show: 'We caused' it

NY Daily news has a poll asking if you agree with Mr Bennett. You know what to do.


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The blowback theory

is only good enough to get the patsies to cooperate.


...and current results are:

Do you agree or disagree with Tony Bennett about 9/11?

Agree: 48%

Disagree: 26%

Third option dismissing Tony Bennett outright: 26%


I would like to hear the audio

interview with Stern.

If I come across it I'll add

If I come across it I'll add it.

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C'Mon Paul Supporters!

Let's show Tony some rEVOLution love!!
He stuck his neck out, we gotta make sure he doesn't regret it!
These first celebrities coming out are key!
They are taking a risk.
If they are embraced with open arms, it will make it easier for other to come out in support!