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*Ron Paul - No chance? Yet Paul is polling dead even with McCain from last election.

I'm tired of reading the "he can't win, he just doesn't have the support" arguments. I'm sure as are the rest of you. Well, this should shut many up for sure.

Have any of you looked at the national polls? Notice anything? These sites that call Paul a "distraction" and say he's not important can't get around the official polls.

In the latest Gallup poll, Paul has the support of Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman COMBINED. That's right, ALL of them together equal Paul's support. So before you can say Paul is "nothing", let's face the facts. Why are Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman on the stage? If Paul is "nothing", then these people are REALLY NOTHING, and have "no support" at all.

Like it or not, Paul is polling better than Romney did the last election, and dead even with McCain at this exact time last election cycle. So...Paul is polling identical numbers as the republican nominee last election...but has no chance? He has more support than all of these other candidates...yet they are still viable?

I think it's time we shove the facts in their face, and let them explain. Did McCain have no chance at all? No...wait...he kind of won the primaries, polling between 11-15% in September 2007.

So...that Ron Paul guy looks pretty good now doesn't he?

Remember, we were 1% in last in these same polls in 07. Now we're 3rd, tied with McCain from last cycle. WE CAN DO THIS.

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Great analogy !!!

"Further, the GOP and Dem leadership are like to pro wrestlers working off of a script. The wrestling actors do the pre-interview arguing, then get in the ring to play fight and entertain the crowd. "

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Surgeon General Warning: The continued use of logic can cause brain seizures/cancer in the current social reality.

It's not about the polls, it's about who GOP leadership backs

The GOP and Dem leadership select a handful of potentials and let them duke it out. Everyone else is just for show. The political press' job is to help the GOP and Dem leaders 'story' unfold...including downplaying who they deem "unelectable".

That's where that term comes from.

Further, the GOP and Dem leadership are like to pro wrestlers working off of a script. The wrestling actors do the pre-interview arguing, then get in the ring to play fight and entertain the crowd. The problem is there is this real wrestler in the ring with them slapping them around.

The ringside commentary do their best to say this real wrestler isn't really part of the match. Just ignore him. Focus on the wrestling actors.

That is what we are fighting. A script, both parties working from the same script, the commentary supporting the script, etc.


In essence, the man behind the curtain.

All we are doing now is arguing with the illusion of a giant Wizard head.

Its called politics.

We have to force the GOP 'leaders' to do the right thing.

"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."
Winston Churchill

I don't think we can force them to do the right thing

I think we just have to replace them.

Educate the masses so they'll vote right.

Replace bad people with good people...in the media, in government (Rand Paul), etc.

Great post

This is great information. We're all confronted with the manufactured 'he can't win' argument. This is an awesome counter to that point.

Florida could be a huge momentum swinger.

The upcoming straw poll could propel Ron Paul another 5%. Perry is betting the farm on this one, since he had them cancel the Texas poll (for fear of a Ron Paul runaway). Romney and Bachmann are not that interested in Florida. Most of there "would be" supporters will probably swing to Perry, but Dr. Paul could make some real strong advances here at Slick Perry's expense.

alan laney

This is very true. If we can

This is very true. If we can gain 5%, that puts us neck and neck with the top 2.