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The Definition and Role for a SuperPac

With the sad event of the not so successful September 19 "Moneybomb" organized by the Revolution SuperPac, I think it is important to know what a SuperPac is really supposed to be and what it is supposed to do. A SuperPac is defined as "independent-expenditure only committees, which can raise unlimited sums from corporations, unions and other groups, as well as individuals." Note the last few words "as well as individuals." The "as well" signifies that "sure individuals can donate, but what's the point."

The key for a SuperPac is corporations, unions and other groups. It is a way for these big money donors to give unlimited amounts to support a candidate or to attack another. It's no surprise that this leaves people worried about corruption when a candidate like Romney or Perry can have Wall Street banks and huge corporations pouring enormous amounts of money into a PAC dedicated to elect them President. A SuperPac should really have no interest in "average americans" or "individuals" (unless they are extremely powerful and wealthy.

To put it bluntly a SuperPac is a way for the status quo of Washington, the corporatist elite to keep getting people into office who will do their bidding.

This is why Ron Paul's SuperPac has a very tough road ahead because the wealthy elite who control Washington have no interest in seeing Ron Paul get elected - he is their worst nightmare.

So in my opinion the SuperPac still has a role but it is not the role that it is currently paying. The SuperPac should not hold moneybombs because SuperPacs are not about grass roots. Let the campaign have the moneybombs and if people max out to the campaign, then they can give to the Pac.

Instead, the SuperPac should focus it's efforts on big money to try to combat the big money machines of Perry and Romney. The SuperPac should wine and dine big donors and be reaching out to supporters and businesses who can easily give more than 2,500 dollars. There are many libertarian minded actors, musicians, and investors who might be able to make some big fundraising splashes.

The campaign can still remain the strong funded average American grass root fundraising machine that it is now. But the SuperPac can't rely on the grass roots to get the kind of big money other SuperPac's will be raising. It is just not possible.

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