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Image means a lot - Perry gets this

Today I had breakfast at McDonalds as I sometimes do. The restaurant has a flatscreen, normally tuned to CNN.

The volume is medium/low and most times the diners don't watch as newscasters cover various topics, like sports stories etc.

But today as I went to find a seat I noticed several people staring attentively at the screen. I thought something important must be happening, maybe the president giving an announcement. Well, not quite.

I turned to see Rick Perry flanked by several people speaking quite seriously as if he was already President of the United States. I have to admit, he did look it, what with CNN playing their simpering role, his expensive suit, dark blue curtain background, and surrounding entourage (where do politicians get these people?). And the restaurant diners were glued to this scene. His message? Proclaiming his support for Israel.

I lost my appetite. I'd bet none of these people, who were of various age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, etc. could name more than four of the current Republican candidates, much less any of their positions. But here was the media, and the establishment candidate dutifully filling their roles to SHOW them who their next president should be, if only they would play their role too and vote based on image.

We've often discussed media bias, establishment candidates, sheeple, etc. on the Daily Paul, but seeing this scene play out in real life like that hit me with renewed clarity.

Ron Paul received a statistical tie for winning the Iowa straw poll, just won the California straw poll, and would have likely won the Texas straw poll. And yet... the media is presenting a different narrative.

This is what we're up against everyone.