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Google Censoring Ron Paul

Now I know there's an old article on this very topic, but I think its worth mentioning here something I have noticed about google censoring or ignoring Ron Paul.

Google's News tab provides a wealth and variety of news stories covering entertainment, politics, science, and the like. To see if google was avoiding Ron Paul I have been checking the News tab daily (sometimes multiple times a day).
Using mozilla firefox's "find" feature, I searched for Paul, Bachmann, Perry, and Romney, even using some variations in their names. In the last couple of weeks for nearly every single day perry has been on their head news page. Romney seems to be less frequent and Bachmann shows up once in a while. And, just like you might have guessed , Ron Paul is in there the least amount of times. Infact I only Recall him being in there once in the last two weeks and the story was about "Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Died Of Pneumonia Because Of Lack Of Insurance."

So as far as I can tell one of two things are happening:
Either Google is censoring or Their web-crawlers (searching for news algorithms)are a mere reflection of how the media avoids Ron Paul to begin with.

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"Perry" is an unusual name, and as far as I know, not a word in the dictionary. Same with Bachmann.

How in the world is a search engine supposed to identify the "Ron Paul" articles with all the "Rons" and "Pauls" out there? I don't think this is necessarily on purpose.

Often, in the past, his name ranked very, very, high, but I wondered if it was for the same reason. Computers are stupid machines, and not smart enough to realize we mean "the Ron Paul."

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I don't like google BUT that is who pays my bills

Google has its pros and cons, for me they are mainly pros since I make a living at home and in general due to google search engine traffic.

I love their news aggregator as well. It does reflect what is going on in the news and with that comes the realization of how bad they remove ron from the news.

In the same breath however, the so called "can't win" candidates BEHIND ron paul. Where are all of them? If one of them were OUR candidate we would be even more pissed.

Kind of like the thing with GJ and many saying he will SPLIT THE VOTE. There are those here who are using the SAME excuses that the OLD gop, dems and others do in politics all the time. You might as well say that even have GJ IN the race is counterproductive. I do not get this thought process.

I thought it was wanting ALL candidates to have a chance to voice what THEY want to do as president. Allow the PEOPLE the chance to choose INCLUDING within our own ranks.

There are plenty of ways to general news for ron BUT the best is to get a LOCAL STORY covered. We need to get sign holdings and events going LOCALLY around the world to help WAKE UP those around us but at the same time realize that WE cannot be like THEM and try and remove OTHERS.

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I have a conspiratorial

I have a conspiratorial paranoia that facebook's recent update will also keep posts about Ron Paul off of people's main news feed.

Ron Paul is able to maintain exposure because of people like us using google, youtube, and facebook to keep him front and center.

If this channel becomes obstructed our work will get more difficult, we might actually have to try to convince people to fight for liberty from out from behind our screens...scary.

Real world ftw

The real world is where the biggest change has to happen, if people don't see Ron Paul supporters in real life they're going to continue to believe we're a crazy minority. But once that perception of us being a minority is dropped its amazing how the crazy label disappears.


Don't think it's a Google conspiracy just a MSM one.

Ron gets the most hits per story of any candidate. *However* he gets one of the least amounts of coverage of all the candidates by the mainstream sites. However I'm encouraged by all the independent media sites that fill in the gaps as they tend to be pro-Ron Paul.

Although I have heard that Google is either CIA owned or that they have key tracking software embedded into Google. I can't verify either personally. But it's plausible.

Google News is an aggregator - a reflection of others' coverage

Um... Google News is a news aggregator that crawls the news sites and groups stories together (somewhat miraculously, really).

Their top stories are the ones with the most repetition- the largest number of 'papers' printing them.

Who gets the most coverage by the hundres of 'news' outlets? Who shows up on Google News' front page? Aha! The same people.

Conspiracy? Or Math?

I'm voting for Peace.

What's with the "Um..."?

I can't wait until people stop using that expression.

Um is a good thing; Ummmm, even better

Um is the expression many people employ when engaging their thinking caps. Ummm, is just digging a thought a little deeper ;))

Umm is my Name!

Where are you from?


The Umm gap

Much like Darwin's missing link explains the establishment of the human race on Earth, the Umm gap explains how DNA reacts to thinking with pause to reflect on the moment Eve opened her ear, and as she tuned in, she a uttered "Um".

(((( TO )))))

Google is with the Dark Side.

They are completely in bed with them.

Google is owned and

Google is owned and controlled by the same people who own and control the Government. Nothing surprising there.


I'd like more info about that. Sans details, it just sounds like conspiracy fodder.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


"Conspiracy" is just one of those words they have used to keep people away from the truth. Your reaction to the word "conspiracy" is part of your indoctrination.

The truth is that the entire world is run like a normal corporation without us knowing it. There is a board, a headquarter, a CEO, offices around the world and a lot of workers.

This of course is the biggest secret and we are not meant to know this.

(Almost) all Governments are just like national offices of say Microsoft. Their job is to carry out the decisions made in the headquarter. The CEO and the board is kept secret from the workers.

As a parallel to this there is a similar totally secret structure of secret societies. This is build in exactly the same way and also has as its purpose to support the centrally made decisions and to infiltrate all organizations to achieve the goals of the "company".

The goal of all this is a one world Government run by this "company" structure or more precisely by the board or "owners" who decide the direction for the entire world. The one world Government will be a dictatorship and all people will work as slaves for this structure. Most people will be killed as they only need about 1 billion slaves at the most and the rest will just be in the way, make it more difficult to control and use up useful resources like food.

Back to Google (and all other major organizations). They are just one little finger of this network and they follow the same agenda as all other organizations. No company or organization can be successful without being accepted by this network. They help the organizations that play into their agenda and destroy everybody else.

This is why they are so determined to destroy Ron Paul. He is waking people up and he is advocating reducing their Government and their power and even more importantly he is encouraging people to be responsible for their own thoughts, ideas, actions, welfare etc. and you just can't enslave people who are independent and strong.

Interlocking Directorates, A Very Small Group Of People Control

All the global corporations. So let's say the total board members who control the fortune 500 companies is 1200 people because each of those people serve on three or four boards of specific companies. So CFR memmber SALLY T JOHNSON sits on the boards of NBC, GE, GOOGLE, And AP. Then CFR member WILLIAM G STEINBRENNER sits on the boards of GOOGLE, ABC, FOX,
and GANNETT. Pretty quickly you see that "policy" is kept uniform throughout the system.

So it is the Inner Party members who set policy and then pass that policy on to the CFR and Trilateral commission for Global Implementation through the corporations they steer.

It is the Rhodesian Roundtable method of Global Governance and it works quite well.

I saw a great article on this recently, wish I could remember the name. Someone researched the the top 1,000 corporations and found an alarmingly small number of people control all of them.

Yes the media is owned by a handful of people and "policy" is to exclude the outsider Ron Paul who is a clear threat to The Party Agenda. Its a no brainer. Policy in fact.
The Oracle

Thanks for the information

Very interesting.

Although this seems big it is still just one little tiny pyramid structure in the larger pyramid.

The same pyramid structure exists in EVERY area; Government, Countries, Science, Education, Medicin, Military, Police, Media, Entertainment, International organization, Charity and EVERY other area you can think of.

Hey Lars, great post!

You really stated it so concisely and clearly. You completely wiped off the "conspiracy" and "NWO" fuzz and laid the situation bare. The corporation analogy is fantastic. Thanks! I'd love for you to make it a separate post.... It would be easier to bookmark for later use in discussions.


It is really so simple to understand when you get your head around it.

The world was run by kings and the like for thousands of years and when the people started waking up they went into hiding and continued ruling the world. When you think about it it is so logical. What else would they have done?

Then they found more and more clever ways to convince the people they were free, like elections, democracy and capitalism while they continued to control everything behind the scene.

As they own all successful organizations it is easy for them to indoctrinate people to believe what they want us to believe.

Somehow it doesn't feel right to make a separate post for this right now. People have to have the time to wake up when they are ready and this is probably not the place to push these things more then I and others already do, but thanks a lot for your support and kind words.

yup! same here!

yup! same here!

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I added..

a Ron Paul section to my Google News :)

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