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Scott Banister, Zivity.com Founder, Supports Ron Paul For President

Zivity.com says it is "full of hotness" - an adult website loaded with Playboy-style images of aspiring supermodels, nude or in lingerie.

The social networking site allows "people just like you (to) rub elbows with models, photographers and video artists," it says. For $9 per month, subscribers also are offered "exclusive access to model chats."

This political season, Zivity's 35-year-old chairman and co-founder has emerged among a handful of California money men supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, 75, the Texas libertarian running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Scott Banister, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded the San Francisco-based Zivity with his wife, has donated $2,500 to Paul's low-budget campaign and another $5,000 to Paul's Liberty PAC political action committee. Both are the maximum donations allowed by law.

In addition, Banister has put up a $1,000 prize for "the best short film to promote Ron Paul," according to his posting on Prizes.org.

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It would be nice if that guy could send some dollars to REVPAC too. I bet he would, since he's already maxed out and is willing to shell out some money just for a video contest. I'm sure he could help out a lot too, considering that a company he helped start later sold in 2007 for $830 million.

I hope he knows about RevPAC.

I hope he knows about RevPAC.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Very Interesting...

but I can see it now; Prostitutes for Paul. That will go over well with my Christian brethren. What's Paul to do? Perhaps nothing? Sadly, many Christians, like Department of Education employees, cannot fathom government just leaving us alone and stop forcing us to live by another's standards.
Educrats use collectivism in the same way that Christians do, but use their own justifications for government involvement and regimentation. Liberty goes out the window in either case.

O U R P L A N = R O N P U A L (Coinsidence? I think not.)