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Iowa 2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings: Caucus win still up for grabs

The Republican field hasn’t significantly shifted in terms of rankings placement since our last edition, which belies the fact that individual percentages for candidates continue to shift dramatically. What can be said with a reasonable amount of certainty is that there is no clear GOP frontrunner in Iowa.

The predictions and opinions reprinted below are provided by a group of state panelists comprised of academics, grassroots activists, political reporters and consultants. While unscientific, the rankings proved to be a valuable source of insights into the 2008 Iowa ground game on both the Republican and Democratic sides of aisle. Panelists are not asked to provide their picks if the caucuses were held tonight, but to draw on their own perspectives and knowledge of the caucus process to say who has built the best organization, has momentum or spark and is likely to exit caucus night with a victory.

That being said, if the caucuses were held today, this is how the panel believes the night would end:


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Just more propaganda

Trying to play down Ron Paul's support and play up Bachmann's support. What they wrote about Bachmann is more true about Ron Paul.

Just more indoctrination.

Is someone at RP2012 headquarters listening?

“Instead of running ads attacking Perry, he should be running ads promoting himself,” a panelist said. “Or, better yet, spend that money on grassroots outreach. Bring some high-profile surrogates into the state that will not only re-energize his already loyal following, but that might have the potential of bringing a few new bodies into the fold.”


This is exactly what the new phone-from-home effort could help do!


Identify where the supporters in Iowa are, then reach out to them and make sure they are active, and at the same time better direct efforts towards expanding the supporter base.

It's up to us whether we translate our grassroots energy into actual (and coordinated) effort.

To be fair

This is exactly what the campaign is doing and very successfully too.

Personally I am not too keen on attack ads, however I think the last one worked really well because Perry took the bait and gave us a lot of publicity while also establishing Ron Paul as a frontrunner Perry had to "deal" with.