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UFC Fighter retweeted Ron Paul's FP vid for me

I follow UFC Fighter Ben "Smooth" Henderson on twitter because he's a one of my favorite fighters. He has tweeted things about supporting Obama from time to time and tweeted for people to support Obama's Buffett Rule today. So I tweeted him to check out Ron Paul and attached his Mutually Assured Respect video to the tweet. Well he must have liked it because he retweeted it to his 18,000+ followers who will hopefully watch it and see the wisdom of our good doctor!
If you use twitter you can follow Ben Henderson at @SMOOTHone155. He's a real good guy and gets paid by the UFC for having followers so let's help him out for spreading Ron Paul's video for us.

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He's a total badass. I can see him getting the belt sometime soon.

Did you catch the time when Joe Rogan was interviewing RonPaulian Chris Lytle in the octagon after one of his wins, and he totally gave Peter Schiff, who was running for the senate at the time, a total shoutout? That was awesome.