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Please Get This Message To The Ron Paul Campaign!

Ron Paul has 5,000,000 plus Facebook fans. His campaign needs to send a message to all of his fans asking them to donate $10 with a CC for automated billing each and every month. This will provide $5,000,000 every month, enough to get him where he needs to be. Also it will allow the Money Bombs to start off with a $5,000,000 figure which would be VERY impressive making the money bombs that much more successful. His campaign is totally missing the boat by not taking advantage of his many supporters on a monthly basis. His powers are in his number of supporters and people would be much more probable to donate a nominal amount like $10 each and every month and it would be more convenient for his donors and also for the campaign because it would be automated billing just like magazine subscriptions. I have asked many Ron Paul supporters and have had 100% response that they believe this is a great idea that needs to be implemented soon. We all know it takes money to win the election and Ron Paul will need more if he is to compete on a level playing field with the corrupt GOP establishment puppets. The money is is currently raising via the money bombs is just not enough and considering his many supporters many are obviously not participating in the money bombs. $10 per month, every month until Ron Paul is in the Oval office. How many here would not agree to that? Put me first on the list! This idea will take off like wildfire. We just need someone to tell the right person in the campaign so we can get it implemented. Please, please lets join together and get the word to the campaign!

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Did you pick up the phone and call them?

Try it rather than posting online

I tried before will try again. I just called....

and could not get through like before. So when the recorded message asked for an extension to the party I'm trying to reach, I just started making up numbers. When I pushed 125, it worked, and I left a message for a person named Josh (if I remember correctly). So great someone in the campaign knows this idea now. But I have no idea who he is or if he'll give the idea to the right person in the campaign. By the way, if anyone else wants to try and call the campaign lending support for this idea their number is: 1-855-886-9779. I dialed extension 125 and got through to a voice recording but don't know who Josh is.


Good idea.


He has 500,000 plus FB fans. 500,000 x $10 each is $5,000,000.

not sure the cost

of the logistics of this. at least upwards of 5% per card transaction. maybe more.

you might get one out of 5 to do that.

but even if only 100,000 RP supporters did ten bucks a month that's still a million, which is pretty salty