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THEY are coming after your unvaccinated kids (A compilation)


Here is yet another compilation I felt compelled to begin. Remember, the following list will grow larger and larger, unfortunately:

Tougher laws considered for unvaccinated students


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Lawmakers say they will consider tougher requirements for schools that have been defying state law by letting students who cannot prove they have had the whooping cough vaccine remain on campus.

Students being allowed to attend school without the inoculation put the rest of the community at risk, said state Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Chico, vice chairman of his chamber's health committee.

"Due to the health risk, we might look at some type of legislation to encourage schools," he said. "The bottom line is we need to find more teeth than the mandate.


Anti-vaccine movement endangers entire populations, not just individuals


"Dr. Poland suggests that vaccine denialist propaganda does a public disservice, and recommends that it may be time to consider legislating vaccinations for the public good, and to protect vulnerable members of the population. He notes that while anti-vaccination movements call for more research, continued investigation into vaccine safety ’ particularly with regard to the well-established MMR vaccine ’ represents a misallocation of limited research dollars, because of the incredible scientific consensus regarding vaccine safety."


Parents home-school to avoid vaccinating their kids


"Lance Rodewald, director of the CDC's Immunization Services Division, says the measles outbreaks show a problem with state policies allowing home-schooled children to escape vaccines."


Utah state legislator wants to impose fees on the unvaccinated


Instead of an outright ban on personal exemptions, Moss is considering imposing a fee on families who choose to skip shots. The fee — similar to taxes on other health nuisances, such as cigarettes — could be used to fund outbreak containment efforts, she said.


Not vaccinated? Not acceptable: David Ropeik


There are many potential solutions, each fraught with pros and cons and details that require careful thought and open democratic discussion.

• Perhaps it should be harder to opt out of vaccination. (Twenty-one states allow parents to decline vaccination of their children simply for "philosophical" reasons; 48 allow a religious exemption, but few demand documentation from parents to support claims that their faith precludes vaccination.)

• Perhaps there should be higher health care and insurance costs for unvaccinated people, or "healthy behavior" discounts for people who do get vaccinated, paid for from what society saves by avoiding the spread of disease.

• There could be restrictions on the community and social activities in which unvaccinated people can participate, like lengthy school trips for kids, etc.

This is not about creating more government to intrude further into our lives. This is about calling on government to do what it's there for in the first place: to protect us from the actions of others when, as individuals, we can't protect ourselves. It is appropriate, and urgent, that we act to protect public health from those whose choices about vaccines are putting the rest of us at risk: We make them stop.


AMA POSITION - H-440.970 Religious Exemptions from Immunizations

Statement by these crooks (which has since been removed from their site):

Since religious/philosophic exemptions from immunizations endanger not only the health of the unvaccinated individual, but also the health of those in his or her group and the community at large, the AMA (1) encourages state medical associations to seek removal of such exemptions in statutes requiring mandatory immunizations; (2) encourages physicians and state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to inform religious groups and others who object to immunizations of the benefits of vaccinations and the risk to their own health and that of the general public if they refuse to accept them; and (3) encourages state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to develop contingency plans for controlling outbreaks in exempt populations and to intensify efforts to achieve high immunization rates in communities where groups having religious exemptions from immunizations reside. (CSA Rep. B, A-87; Reaffirmed: Sunset Report, I-97; Reaffirmed: CSAPH Rep. 3, A-07)

Here's a screenshot of this AMA policy from their website:



Public Health Risk Seen as Parents Reject Vaccines


....the number of exemptions worries many health officials and experts. They say that vaccines have saved countless lives, and that personal-belief exemptions are potentially dangerous and bad public policy because they are not based on sound science.

“If you have clusters of exemptions, you increase the risk of exposing everyone in the community,” said Dr. Omer, who has extensively studied disease outbreaks and vaccines.



Here's a video commentary I just found by Paul Offit which will send chills down everyone's spine and make your brain hurt with his "logic" of how he intends to discredit vaccine exemptions:

'Vaccine Exemptions'? Call Them What They Really Are


‎(Quote): "A second way people can exempt themselves from vaccines are the so-called philosophical or personal belief exemptions. Twenty states allow that kind of exemption. I would argue that these exemptions are misnamed. First of all, th
e notion that vaccines are a "philosophy" is inaccurate. Philo means love, sophos means wisdom. Exactly where is the wisdom in saying that it is better not to get vaccines than to get them?"

‎(Quote): "The third way one can exempt oneself from vaccines are so-called religious exemptions. Forty-eight states have them. I would argue this also does not make a lot of sense. The first vaccine was Edward Jenner's vaccine in 1796. The
New Testament was written around 100 AD, the Old Testament between 1400 and 400 BC, and the Qur'an around 600 AD. All those texts were written well before vaccines existed, so not surprisingly, they never mention or predict them. I also would argue that it does not make sense to say, "It is my religious belief that a child not get a vaccine," and therefore a child should be left with less protection under the law. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution, the so-called Equal Protection Clause, states that a child or anyone should be equally protected and implies that this is independent of a parent's belief system. If the child is exposed to harm, that child should have equal protection. For example, if a Jehovah's Witness parent says, "I do not want my child to get a lifesaving blood transfusion," the parent does not have the freedom of religion to practice that because of the 14th Amendment."

(Quote): "I think we should call these exemptions what they really are. Let's not sugarcoat this choice. We should call them the "I do not want to get vaccines because I have read a lot of scary things about vaccines and I am afraid that t
hey might hurt my child, and I am not so sure I believe in pharmaceutical companies or the medical establishment or the government, so I do not want my child to get them" vaccine exemption. That would be, I think, more honest."


Out of Australia:

No vaccine, no school, says AMA chief


(Excerpts): Unvaccinated children should be held back from school and groups spreading anti-vaccination messages should be punished, according to the federal president of the Australian Medical Association.

Dr Steve Hambleton said a report released on Thursday detailing national immunisation rates raised concerns about parents in certain areas not following vaccination guidelines.

''We should certainly make it difficult for [unvaccinated] children to get to school,'' said Steve Hambleton, responding to new national statistics on immunisation rates.

''And we should certainly have plans available to send all those children home if there are outbreaks.''

''These are parents who have got information, good information available and yet they are not vaccinating their children,'' Dr Hambleton said. ( oh so true, but not how HE meant it)

There is also a worrying undercurrent of vaccine objectors who believe conspiracy websites and reject public health guidelines.

These vaccine objectors ''should be ashamed of themselves'' for spreading misinformation and should be sanctioned, Dr Hambleton said.

''We need to look at the groups providing those anti-vaccination messages and we need to make sure we stop them . . . They are putting the community in danger.''


Editorial: Time to stop keeping kids immune from jab


(Excerpts): In the past the campaigns have concentrated on making vaccination compulsory, but unfortunately successive governments have not had the stomach for it. Our ‘‘ No Jab, No Play’’ campaign is focusing its effort on specific initiatives to encourage more parents to vaccinate.

We are calling on the state government to allow childcare centres to ban children who have not been vaccinated. And we are calling on the federal government to withhold the childcare rebate from every parent who fails to immunise.


Bioethicist says parents who don't vaccinate should face liability for consequences



A doctor and medical ethicist (Art Caplan)says parents who choose not to vaccinate their children should be liable, in the form of lawsuits, for anyone who becomes sick from their child. He argues parents should have the right to not vaccinate, but they should also expect to be sued if their child gets someone else sick.

"If your kid gets the measles, and remember public health officials are getting very very good at tracing outbreaks to their source, and makes my kid sick (can happen since vaccine is not 100 percent effective), my newborn baby die (newborns can’t benefit from vaccines) or my wife miscarry (fetuses are at especially high risk), then shouldn’t I be able to sue you for the harm you have done?"


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Vaccine nation

Check out the documentary Vaccine nation by Gary Null. It's on youtube.

Just a complete infringement on freedom

So vaccines can help prevent diseases in large groups and they also can have serious side effects on individuals.

Most reasonable people will concede those two points, studies certainly prove the existence of negative side effects and the herd immunity seems reasonable even if I have yet to see formal human vaccination studies to back it up. Most reasonable people (non-communists and non-fascists at least) would also agree that it is not ethical to be forced to do something that is potentially dangerous to you unless it is *likely* that inaction would be hazardous as well. From what I see the non-vaccinated population does not pose a *likely* threat to the vaccinated population, that threat is currently an imagined one.

From a policy perspective the selling point for vaccines is to keep kids in school and parents from taking off work. So in short, the govt says your priority should be working and handing over your kids' care to the schools/daycares.

I work, but choose to be a parent first. When my kids are sick I keep them home. Instead of vaccinating them I quarantine them when necessary. As their parent I am responsible for their health and wellbeing, and I believe I am being responsible to my community at the same time. From what I have read regarding treating communicable diseases in Africa (where unlike the US - poor nutrition, poor sanitation and limited access to clean water give diseases a better environment to thrive) quarantine is more effective then vaccines in controlling the spread of disease in the community.

My pediatrician has been practicing conventional medicine for the past 40+ years. He does not give flu vaccines in his office to any patients since in his opinion they are not proven to be effective or necessary for children, and he believes parents decide what vaccines their children receive. I think that if he is comfortable with this policy after being in practice so long then the pro-vaccination paranoia is not justified.

Vaccines Don't Even Work

My children are not vaccinated, and for good reason... My mom works at a university near Chicago and two or three years ago they had a mumps outbreak at the school. Approximately eighteen students caught the mumps and had to be quarantined. ALL eighteen students had been vaccinated for the mumps!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

I can't stand this argument!!

"Students being allowed to attend school without the inoculation put the rest of the community at risk" - if the rest of them are vaccinated, aren't they protected? What gives?? This has gotta be the most illogical argument of vaccine proponents!

CHECK OUT MY VIDEO! The views stopped overnight when for 'copyright' reasons, mobile viewing was disabled. I want to get to 8,000 - HELP by watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-pTvjzHN3I

I agree

It also drives me crazy. It also says the government can force you to do anything because it might benefit someone else.

I would really like to turn the argument against the pro-vaccine anti-health people by saying, "You know it is likely you who are the weak link. Eating high fructose corn syrup, processed foods and chemicals, GMO's, hiding from the sun so you have low vit D, etc destroys the capability of your immune system. The only people putting you at risk is yourselves."

who here believes in self-ownership?

They force you to do stuff that might benefit others, and they also force you to do stuff that might benefit yourself like not drinking raw milk, for example.

Everyone Is Right/Wrong

I have read all these comments, and like Dr. KAF, am educated in medical sciences, and like most all the rest, have utter contempt and disdain for the systems currently in place.

Dr. KAF is correct in what he says, and so are all of the rest of you correct in what you say. Vaccines do help in herds, ask any rancher. Vaccines also have negative side-effects, as most of the rest of you say.

Dr. KAF has the right approach so long as people populate themselves into a massive herd. The rest of you have the right approach for rural independent living.

YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! You can't populate yourselves into a massive herd on this planet and have all the benefits of an independent self-sustainable free society of people.

If you want to populate into a massive herd, then you will get treated like a massive herd (for good or bad), there is no other possible outcome.

Live like cattle, get treated like cattle.
If you don't care about overpopulation, then too bad.
The system will thrive off the dependent masses, and
force you to submit. THAT IS REALITY, NO OTHER WAY.

And Bill Gates wants a billion people dead with vaccines....

How about YOU first, 2cb?


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (Dr. Seuss)

2cb~~~with us 10 weeks, and he is a RP supporter~~right!

2cb: Bugger off, would you, you troll!

In Regards To Cattle Posts

SO WHAT? Shit happens! People make mistakes, and that will never change. Your arguments with cattle deaths due to vaccinations are in MY FAVOR!

I agree, cattle can die because of human error in the production of vaccines. But just type:

unvaccinated cattle died OR dead OR deaths

into Google, and read almost 1/2 million stories on how unvaccinated cattle died. We need truth, not nonsense argument.

You argue in MY FAVOR, because I am saying that as we populated ourselves into a human herd and become more interdependent and dependent on government, YOUR STORIES WILL MANIFEST IN THE HUMAN POPULATION. Good grief.

If we were all unvaccinated against smallpox, and China spread some smallpox virus around subways in major cities, what do you think will happen then? Please, do say ...

Case in point

Instead of cleaning up the mess and allowing the animals to engage in "free range" nutritional activities, we have the following example of modern-day CRUD-farms of which the NY govt is trying to mandate a salmonella vaccine to bestow "health" to the situation. This is cart-before-horse reasoning:

NY Lawmakers Seek Salmonella Vaccine



"Meanwhile, we just wrote that a large mound of manure and rodent, fly, maggot, and wild bird infestations, among other disgusting findings, were revealed at one of the two egg producers blamed on the outbreak and recall. The findings were a result of a US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection at Wright County Egg (Quality Egg) in Iowa. At the other egg producer, Hillandale Farms, FDA inspectors found unsealed rodent holes and live rodents entering facilities, standing water, and liquid manure leaking into a section of the floor."



Interesting thought processes there

First off, we quit vaccinating against smallpox in the late-70s. The explanation was that it was "eradicated". The real reason is that the vaccine was/is extremely dangerous and actually CAUSED the spread of the disease. Interestingly, now they claim also that polio has been eradicated in the western nations. So why is the polio vaccine still mandated?

2cb, let's just say (for the sake of argument) that vaccines actually help cattle and the above examples I gave were "flukes" - so what happens when pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, etc, all go bankrupt over the next few years and all of this FAKE "immunity" and "health" of which we have become so reliant from drugs and vaccines falls like a house of cards? Wouldn't it behoove us to strengthen humans and animals with NUTRITION and SANITATION instead of man-made serums and drugs?



Read the book 'Gut and

Read the book 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' by Natasha Campbell-McBride

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Even more vaccine/cattle news

out of Bhutan: Question mark over quality of vaccines


“Farmers don’t report when there’s an outbreak, as they don’t want their cows to be vaccinated,” he said. “After vaccination, the milk production reduces drastically, so farmers are reluctant.” A Sarpang livestock officer Wangchuk said the quality of vaccine was doubtful, because evidence of disease outbreak, even in vaccinated areas, was prevalent. Animal health specialist with the national centre for animal health, Dr Passang Tshering, said although the vaccine that entered the country contained the same strain of virus as those used in India, they were not tested. “We can’t test them either as they’re very expensive and the vaccine are injected into the animals,” he said. “But we have plans as to see the quality of vaccines we’re using today.”



More vaccine/cattle news


Faulty vaccine caused foot-and-mouth outbreak: Paraguay


ASUNCION, PARAGUAY - A botched vaccine intended to protect Paraguay’s livestock against foot-and-mouth disease was responsible for transmitting the ailment to hundreds of animals that later had to be destroyed, the government said Tuesday. "After the most recent laboratory analysis, we have confirmed that the outbreak of foot and mouth disease... came about as a result of problems with the vaccination of animals," said Daniel Rojas, head of Paraguay’s National Service for Animal Health and Quality. The outbreak prompted neighboring countries to ban the import of Paraguayan meat, livestock, and meat by-products to prevent the spread of the disease across international boundaries.



Did you say vaccines are good for cattle?

I have a few mainstream news stories which prove otherwise:

Vaccine Linked to 'Bleeding Calf Syndrome'



Bleeding calf syndrome (bovine neonatal pancytopenia or BNP) affects new born calves resulting in low blood cell counts and depletion of the bone marrow. There is evidence that BNP is linked to the use of a particular vaccine against "Bovine viral diarrhea virus" (BVDV). It has been suggested that antibodies in colostrum, the first milk the mother produces, are responsible for destroying the calf's blood cells. These antibodies are produced by the mother in response to contamination of vaccine against BVDV with proteins released by the production process.




I recently gave birth to our fourth child...Due to some
complications I decided to have her in the hospital rather than at home...
After she was born the pediatrician kept pushing the hepatitus vaccine...we of course said no...anyone that can read for themselves understands how dangerous vaccines are.
Our daughter had some stuff in one eye that the Dr. wanted to make sure wasn't an infection...so they ran some tests and told us to bring her in that week to his office to get the results.
When we got to his office they had us fill out the usually paperwork. They wanted us to sign a consent to vaccinate form. We didn't. Do you know that the so called Doctor wouldn't even see us to explain that we were not welcome in his office. He sent the office manager to the packed waiting room to inform us. I then ask if He could at least give us the results of her test. What do you think he did? Right. He wouldn't even come out or give us the results.
Praise the Lord he acted this way it shows what type of person he was. I wouldn't want him near my baby. Cowards, sold out cowards they are.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the things you guys have written. I don't feel so alone when I am here...God bless you and keep up the great work.
OH, our baby girl was fine. We found a really nice Dr. from Poland that let us decide to vaccinate or not and he got the test results and everything was fine.


My doctor was upset with us too......

Because after we gave him some info.on the dangers of vaccination and questioned him ...He try to sugar coated it by saying there is very little side effects and she will be infecting other kid's as well...So then I ask him could you Guarantee that nothing would happen to my little girl after she is vaccinated..and then he pause for a brief moment and said "no I can't guarantee that"....I then said well Doc you answered my questions...So we said no thank's I'm finding another Doctor...Good bye and thank you for your service.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Hoping this thread

grows and grows with more information to share with others. Haven't had the flu shot in some 20 years and I haven't had the flu. Was talking to a doctor the other day who suggested I get a shot. I told him that I wouldn't and those that have usually get sick. He said they probably didn't get sick from the shot but probably got the flu while waiting in the doctors office to get the shot. NO BS, it's what he said. Their legal drug pushers and thats all they do.


same here.....

I work around people that get's the Flu all the time, I haven't been sick for about 6 years now ..I Just keep my PH.level up..

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."


If what they say is true, that vaccines are effective and safe, is my unvaccinated kid a risk to anyone who's had the vaccine? What they say makes no sense and none of my 4 kids are now and never will be vaccinated.

Exactly what I keep saying

Why are they worried about us if they are protected? I have three kids that have not been vaccinated and as far as I am concerned will never be. My wife gets in heated discussions with her girfriends all of the time because they vaccinate eveytime something new pops up. They also have a cow (no pun intended) that we only drink raw milk, "how can you, don't you know it's not safe?". The world is full of people that only believe what they are told by the powers that be :-(

Raw Milk is bad for you and guns should be drawn on Evil Amish!

If you drink pasteurized milk and it gives you diarrhea don't make the connection with the fact that the lactase enzyme and the probiotics are destroyed by the heat preventing effective digestion of the lactose. You are just lactose intolerant, pay no attention to the fact that you digest raw milk just fine. It is dangerous poison and anyone drinking that stuff should not be allowed to buy insurance because it will drive up the cost of medical care. Pay no attention to the medical monopoly system preventing alternative practitioners from serving the public cheaply and efficiently using natural remedies, nutrients, and detoxifiers. Forget about the FBI Cointelpro agents that infiltrated a women's self help group forty some odd years ago teaching them to use yogurt to cure yeast infections and charged them with practicing medicine without a license. Don't think for yourself. Think of the good the herd, sheeple. All hail our democratically elected lord the emperor I mean President! Allowing one person to have the power to order minions to infiltrate small groups of people trying to help each other stay healthy is essential for the collective safety of the proles pay no attention to your personal safety, individual liberty, or health freedom or you may be targeted for the good of the whole.

WOW....OK.. I'm done with


OK.. I'm done with this thread....

As Dr. Paul would say..

"This is going to require an Intellectual Revolution"..

One thing at a time.. Get Dr. Paul in office.
Remove the government mandates on vaccination
Educate the population on the benefit:risk and let them decide.

Thanks for the awakening. I spend my days with other Physicians and healthcare workers caring for ill people. Working at capacity because of the COPD/CHF/CAD. Not mention SEPSIS from PNA that the Marines I care for come down with while training for operations overseas, so I assumed that most people think like I do that they was every advantage to be healthy.

The pleural of Anecdote is Anecdotes not evidence.
A double blind placebo controlled trial trumps all others.
Beware of bias in publication.
The three most dangerous words in medicine are "In My Experience"


Doctors and the good folks

Doctors and the good folks who care for people and who have a deep devotion to public health are nonetheless not above the subtle influence of indoctrination. Pier reviewed "evidence" is also not immune to the biases of the so-called unbiased. I have yet to find an authoritative body peddling "evidence" that discredits the "naysayers" and claims vaccines are safe, no matter how scientific, that is not really but an advertisement for a very cleverly cloaked agenda. Remember, doctors prefer Marlboros!!! and, per the tenor of your own argument, the "evidence" to which you are attached with such a zealous fervor clearly shows that cigarette smoke is not harmful to your health.... What?

But again, one indoctrinated by a certain worldview could claim those who understand the world as I do are under the influence of the same propaganda I am condemning. This is the beauty of freedom of information/freedom of choice. Let the people decide.

It's Plural - not Pleural.

You might want to take the beam out of your eye first...

You're right which is why they should use actual placebos

What you don't realize is that virtually all of your peer-reviewed research on vaccines proving them to be "safe and effective" uses other vaccines as "placebos", thus there are no control groups that are completely unvaccinated in these biased double blind so called "placebo" studies.

The focus should be on nutrition - not drugs/serums

I smell a rat. Why don't most doctors stress how people should be consuming all 90-some-odd vitamins, minerals and amino acids in order to attain/retain their health? What about the consumption of live enzymes? What about getting plenty of sleep? What about reducing stress? What about getting exercise? What about breast feeding? What about the avoidance toxins and/or detoxing the body? What about the avoidance of Cokes and Count Chocula? Why is it always about vaccines, vaccines and more vaccines?

Health does NOT come from the end of a needle.



Well said. Nutrition and gut

Well said. Nutrition and gut health are the key to good health, not vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.