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Cafferty File: Is anyone besides Ron Paul serious about our deepening national financial crisis?


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3 Central false ideas we need to address with the Public.

Person 1) [The Late 1890's "wild capitalism" hurts labor & children argument].

This is where our sister-liberals went off the farm and have never come back. Karl Marx and American socialists took liberals off the Free Market path by feeding them a false comparative narrative of exploitation. Rather than reteaching history to these people, show them upfront you don't agree with pre-teen minors working and you 100% agree that workers have the right to freely assemble and petition their company for grievances and negotiate for wages. Reassure these people that you do not want to see anyone exploited or lives put in dangerous life threatening and life damaging working conditions & situations. Most of all, you leave labor free and you leave companies free and you expect the rule of law and nonviolence to be followed. So, after laying that out, then and only then state that "There actually was some good things about the 1890's. Let me point out that if we look at say, New York city in the 1890s vs New York city in 1990s we see that the New York of 1890s was busy and vibrant and the poor were moving up! The poor that did not want to work in factories could sell apples on the street corners anywhere they found an open spot! Newspapers, apples, hot-dogs, clothing, food, supplies, repairs, and even drugs. You name it, there was someone selling it. Just off the boat, poor penniless European Jews or 'peddlers' all got their start this way be selling clothes on the streets of New York. A few made it really big time, you may have heard of Macys and Levis. If you look at film and even Post cards from the 1890s era, they all show a very vibrant and bustling and busy city with the poor, happily NOT begging on the streets. Even young teenagers had all kinds of "gofor & bringme jobs" as in "I hey son, I'll pay you a silver dime if you go for this and bring me that...". In the 1890s in New York City, even in its poorest of neighborhoods, everyone was busy and working. Not so in the 1990's. In the 1990s, you cannot sell apples or anything to make a buck on the streets of New York. Its all illegal, including selling drugs. I mention drugs because in the 1890s there was no drug war in America. Now you say Ron Paul wants to take us back to 1890s kind of freedom. Well I say, some of that vibrant city freedom is the kind of freedom America needs again. Not only that, that was a period in America when the greatest charities came, the Red Cross, the March of Dimes, the Salvation Army... Don't be afraid of the freedom that made America great. Right now all our cities are dying of slow death. The 1890s had American cities alive! I want the cities of America's future to be EVEN MORE ALIVE! Don't you?

Person 2) [Bush/Cheneys ideas are bad]:

Yes they are bad BECAUSE it was Big Govt spending and militarism run wild. Unfunded Drug Prescription benefit program and warfare. Those are bad ideas. Bad financial ideas. This person, feels the Bush/Cheney ideas are bad, but they are really not clear as to why. If they are clear, its easy to add to that clarity. If they THINK they are bad, you may have to just supply them with the many examples. At the end, simply point out that Ron Paul does not advocate doing ANY of those bad ideas. Say, you can hate Ron Paul for other things if you wish, but don't hate him for having Bush/Cheney-like ideas, because he clearly does NOT hold those bad ideas.

Person 3) [Taxes on the wealthy and wealthy big business is a good idea.]

No, its a bad idea and the person who holds this idea is suffering from Orwellian double-think. They know on the one hand the the Wealthy & Big Business dominate and control our government, yet on the other hand they want to send still more money to the institution that THEY DO NOT CONTROL-the wealthy big business controls it. The reason these kind of people slip into this thinking is that It FEELS GOOD to despise the rich and want to TAKE from them. Meanwhile, they know that the RICH are POWERFUL, and a large portion of their POWER comes from dominating and influencing government. They know that Corporate welfare exists, yet somehow think that giving more money to government will NOT mean more corporate welfare. One final and important thing to remind these people suffering from Double-Think is to point out that the Govt has failed to SAVE UP A HUGE fund of anything. There is no "locked box" with your personal account number into which the money you send in for entitlements is saved there, just waiting for you when you retire. Its not a pool of your funds waiting there just for you, no, its been spent for more Wars and more Corporate Welfare for the rich. The only thing inside the "lock box" is a slip of paper, an IOU, which to be paid is really just a tax on American's children. The key point to explain to this person is STUFF they ALREADY KNOW. Its their class envy (masquerading as a deep concern for the poor) that is causing Double-Think.

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I have repeated this many

I have repeated this many times, that while Rand/Ron Paul are one of the more serious ones about our financial crisis, no one is serious enough.

Neither Rand or Ron has proposed a realistic budget that can balance the budget.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a


Roads are payed for by the tax on fuel,
Public Parks are Collatoral for debts we have now.

You want to support the function of Govt? Drink more alcohol, smoke more cigarettes, and burn more fuel.

The INCOME tax goes to pay the INTEREST on the national debt. THATS ALL>


Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

Roads are not payed for by

Roads are not payed for by taxes. Ronald Reagan decoupled that measure; it used to be that any spending on roads had to come from fuel tax reciepts.

OTTOMH, only about half of federal expenditures on roads are covered by the gas tax.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

In Canada

less then 3% of the gas taxes pay for roads.

We're gaining!

Now we have Cafferty, who's a pretty crusty, but trusted, news guy singling out Ron Paul as the only one with financial sanity! The campaign couldn't have bought better coverage. Sure you've got a lot naysayers commenting, but it's pretty obvious it's out of desperation and ignorance. To all the Ron Paul dismissers, it's hard to find the courage to give him credit where credit is due. Jack Cafferty sure did.

alan laney


Cafferty is great. He's a truely honest journalist who never hesitates to tell it like it is. So many other journalists are spin artists trying to con the people.

I've watched a lot of his videos. He's one of the only journalists who is both blunt, straightforward and nonpartisan.


TOP TIER CANDIDATE WHO KNOWS THE PROBLEMS -Historic- Feb 16, 2009,(the day before the stimulus was made law). Ron Paul Comments on TARP & Stimulus and Taxes http://youtu.be/xderHvi5mDU

This historic video, in my opinion, should be re-posted on DP. (Today) As the FED is about to begin more shenanigans.

Wow, there are some people

Wow, there are some people that need some serious education out there. Begging for higher taxes? Demanding you be held subject to the ruling class? People wish for their own enslavement.

Do You Have a Problem With Taxing

billionaire CEO's who stole taxpayer money through government bailouts? How do you propose to make it an even playing field if billionaires--who have all the advantage and all the money--get to keep paying zero taxes and sheltering their money in offshore accounts?
I'm not being snarky. I really am seeking an answer to this. Whenever I hear people scream: "Less taxation!" I wonder: "How about roads and schools and national parks, and other things that we just take for granted?" Please don't tell me privatization is the answer. Private companies seek only profit and we see how well that's working out with the third-world, private prison system we have now.

Ron seeks to dismantle the current Corporatist/Government

cabal that CREATES Bailout Billionaires and rewards corporations (with public tax money) for outsourcing our industry and jobs.

So ...

tax more and keep doing the bailouts?

Public roads subsidize the car and oil companies.

Governments have murdered and stolen so much more from their own nation than any criminal(s)

Why is our time any different?

It's nice to see that the

It's nice to see that the Daily Paul is attracting more and more Democrats and leftists, even though it will require a whole new bunch of folks to educate, it really indicates that President Obama has failed to such a degree that even his most ardent apologists are leaving and seeking alternatives. Welcome!

I Like the "More Taxes" Comment

I wonder if that's why Cafferty chose this one, and even if this is why it was made: the "more taxes" comment saying "I want my money taken and saved" is one that everyone can hear and realize, "no, I can do that for myself." It's an obviously undesireable wish for most.

It's the comment with lies about Ron Paul and the Fed and gold standard that do more harm. Maybe he'll have to get Dr. Paul on to explain his real position.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

He had to dig deep

Couldn't find any decent negative comments.

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but I would have to guess that that "guy" is probably living off the taxpayers and doesn't pay any taxes himself. Unfortunately there are more and more of those type of people every day.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Issue here.

People who support even higher taxes don't understand the concept of Capital Flight. In my experience when talking to someone like that you have to raise the issue to them. They get a blank look on their faces and do one of two things: Try to change the subject because their stance is exposed or show a new interest in what you have to say.

I think they comments are

I think they comments are quite useful. The opinions are varied and can be used to analysis the situation. May as well make use of the situation; complaining between ourselves about other peoples opinion isn't going to help Dr Paul at all.

The most common issues I see between these comments:

- People don't understand economics, and think things like mass taxing business will acheive something. It won't. Just look at what happened here in Australia a couple of years ago: a tax was put in place on major businesses that was quite large and the PM was betrayed by the rest of his party within a week and thrown out of power due to the potential impact.

The better idea is to educate people on the business cycle, how econimics works and money 'flows' within society. Let people know the issues with the Fed, with big business not paying their taxes and improper government spending. If information is supplied in a way people can relate to they will understand.

- People don't trust politicans.

Obvious one there, I bet at some point most of us didn't either. The best way to promote Dr Paul here would be to advise his voting record, advise how he is against things like the Patriot Act and To Big To Fail and how he refuses entitlements. Also things about him to make him seem more human and like us (doctor, army, family man, healthy) than a politician. If people can relate to him and see him as different than the rest they may research his views more.

- People don't like him.

This is the hardest to deal with as its based on opinion. Easier to talk to and educate the people who fall in the first two groups than worry about this one. Trolls will go away if everyone ignores them. There is far more to insult Parry on than anything Dr Paul has done, given time this will prove that.

Sorry for the long post. Take care everyone. :)


Some of the comments are just absurd. Defending the Federal Reserve and bashing the gold standard, which we were technically still on until 1971! Paul Krugman, properly identify yourself when writing in to Jack Cafferty, please! Even when Nixon took us off of the pseudo-gold standard we were on, it was called a temporary measure. So we made it through the majority of the 20th century on some form of a gold standard. When we went off that standard completely it's quite clear that the result was stagflation and an explosion of debt concurrent with major devaluation of the currency. And the FRN being decoupled from silver and gold? What idiot would rather hold paper in his hand than gold?

The other comment about Ron Paul's self-interest... that's a lazy liberal right there who should try actually Googling Ron Paul and see that his positions on economics haven't changed and big business doesn't support him, grassroots Americans do. (As clearly the FEC donor stats and the results of the RevPac moneybomb have proven) I don't understand the ignorance of people that can't do a little research... they can take the time to write an email but not the time to Google Ron Paul?

Tax the wealthy more... lol Taxes on income are taxes on productivity. Anyone making money here is probably contributing to the economy and the more they make, the more they contribute to job creation and sustainability. What poor people do you know that create jobs? Tax the rich and you tax the job creators. Tax the job creators and why the heck would they create more jobs here? That wouldn't be in their self-interest now would it?

As for Social Security guy... nice to know that you are unable to contemplate a world in which you place the money that would have gone to taxes in a private savings account for your retirement. No, only government can decide how much to take of your earnings and where to invest it... Unfortunately, of course, there is no fund, no special account where your SS taxes go... it's a tax, not a savings account. This means that while the government tracks what you put in, they have no real obligation to pay you back. Worse yet, all the money you paid in is gone, used to pay for military empire and other general expenses. Sure, they can tax you more. The more they tax you, the more of your money they can waste away! Keep paying your taxes, good citizen! Uncle Sam is hungry!

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Withholdings promote this

If you get a paycheck with all of those itemized withholdings for FICA, SS, etc., it seems like all of your taxes are neatly going into distinct accounts.

If you pay estimated payments as a business owner, you just write one giant check to the treasury.

I think if people had to write the checks instead of withholdings, everyone might feel a little bit different about their taxes.

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totally agree.

bump for truth.



The sheer stupidity of some of the comments is appalling. Raising taxes is like some kind of magic pill for these braindead idiots. They're so ignorant they have no idea just how bad being 21 trillion dollars in debt really is. God forbid we get rid of do nothing departments and 800 military bases that don't make us any safer.

They are the perfect examples of what the public education system produces: ignoramuses.

It;s official: Statism has become an all dominating religion. It takes quite a bit of fanaticism or ignorance to still believe all this spending is necessary and that "taxes on the rich" will fix everything. The "19'th centry" accusations are an example of just how misinformed people are about Paul and history in general.

He picked some various

He picked some various stndpoints on Ron Paul, but thanks to Cafferty for being so supportive of RP, even the question is posed to show that only Paul has the answer. Seems Cafferty is a friend of the campaign for liberty, thank you Cafferty.


Clearly the answer is no, but I think this question was posed just to get some anti-Paul views read on the air.


The ignorance is truly astounding. What a sad shame.


To the " tax me please guy "

Someone should mention to him, they have been taxing him good, but illegally transferred his retirement fund to military spending, but he is welcome to continue to put in more to that honest effort.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

"Dr. Paul's been right on this for 30 years...

...we no longer have time not to listen to him"

Perfectly stated.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Does the president want a global economic collapse?

I have never heard a rational argument that suggests we can continue to borrow and spend endlessly without severe ramifications yet the president seems to be offering no serious plan to reduce the budget deficit. Is he playing a game of chicken hoping that in the end will have to be resolved with enormous tax increases on the American people to avoid a complete collapse of the world economy.


The collapse is part of the global plan to get their one world Government (rather difficult if America is doing great and living free).

That one of the dissenters

That one of the dissenters wants to raise taxes to pad his entitlements plays right into our hands.

Good work, Jack!