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WH Counter Terror Doctrine

This is why we need Ron Paul to lead our nation, more than ever before.

U.S. defends unilateral capture or kill doctrine

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. will keep targeting al-Qaida anywhere in the world, including in countries unable or unwilling to do it themselves, the top U.S. counter terror official said Friday.
White House counter terror chief John Brennan laid out what could be called the Osama bin Laden raid doctrine, in remarks at Harvard Law School. He says under international law, the U.S. can protect itself with pre-emptive action against suspects the U.S. believes present an imminent threat, wherever they are.
That amounts to a legal defense of the unilateral Navy SEAL raid into Pakistan that killed al-Qaida mastermind bin Laden in May, angering Pakistan. It also explains the thinking behind other covert counterterrorist action, like the CIA’s armed drone campaign that only this week killed a top al-Qaida operative in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The Obama administration has quadrupled drone strikes against al-Qaida targets since taking office.
The Obama administration has more recently expanded drone strikes and the occasional special-operations raid into areas like Somalia, where the weak government may be willing to fight al-Qaida but lacks the resources. Navy SEALs targeted al-Qaida operative Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan in Somalia in 2009, by helicopter. The SEALs then landed to pick up his body and bury it at sea, just as bin Laden was later interred.
“We reserve the right to take unilateral action if or when other governments are unwilling or unable to take the necessary actions themselves,” Brennan said.

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I agree with you. Our war

I agree with you. Our war policy is more like something from Nazi Germany. Seriously, when it comes to foreign policy in debates or in articles like this, you can easily change US into Nazi Germany, and al Qaeda or terrorists into Jews, and you could easily believe that these could have been things Nazi Germany was doing. It is very scary.

I was at the LPAC in Reno last week and Bruce Fein has a lot of very scary law precedents that are taking place in this country.

In reality, I think Fein needs to run for Congress, especially if Ron Paul does not become president and he loses his seat. Plus Dennis Kucinich may have trouble too.

You're definitely right...

I think its even worse than that when you add in what we're doing with DHS. Did you know that the TSA's "enhanced (molestation erhmm) pat down procedures are being extended to NFL games? Alex Jones has been talking about that recently over at infowars.com.

Its so sad because the solutions are so very simple, albeit initially painful.

I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU WERE AT LPAC!!! That must have been a phenomenal experience! I'm unfamiliar with Bruce Fein but now that you've mentioned him I'll definitely have to look into him. Ron Paul is the last beacon of hope for America and the world... I'm putting everything into this movement.

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