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Help a fellow DP'er (and member of the militray) get his question asked at the Fox Debate!


This is a hot topic over at the 2012 forum, but I do not see it here. Benji, a fellow DP'er and reservist, has submitted an AWESOME question for the Fox Debate. The Fox/YouTube question site says they will decide which video questions to play for the candidates based upon number of votes.

Surely, if we can raise a million bucks in a day, we can get this video to the top. Take a look at the video and VOTE. This question will create soundbites that will be played on every network. I will be at the debate and cannot wait to see the reaction in person.

Here is the video! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! And pass it along to your facebook friends, email friends, and other RP forums you may be a member of.


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