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What's going to happen in the Florida Straw Poll this Saturday?

In the week before the California Straw Poll, it really sounded like the effort was unorganized and behind the eight ball. Boy, was I WRONG!!! We were so stoked to see how the troops turned out en masse and won that thing for Ron.

What is happening in Florida? Are you folks going to do the same? Will you please devastate the media's two darling boys with your numbers?

You know, I think if we triumph in Florida, the media won't be able to ignore Ron this time.

PLEASE - MAKE IT SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't want to be the one

I don't want to be the one spoiling the party. Not one victory will make the media 'not ignore Dr. Paul'. Not going to happen. But who cares? Because that negative aspect mentioned I do want to say this.

You are right in making it happen that Dr. Paul wins. Real victory will win over real people. Not those scripted talking heads on TV. Real world efforts will bring about real world results. All attendees have done a wonderful job in showing what we here already know ;) The Dr. Wins!

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The CA straw poll really surprised me too, mainly because

of the gigantic military industrial retirees (govt and contractor) community all throughout CA.

This time though I really do think the deck is stacked very much against Ron. One reason that Rudolph Guilliani was banking on Florida so much in 2008 was that both their straw poll and their primary has really really restricted eligibility. Like, you have to be a registered Republican for 75 years just to vote in either one.

No just kidding, but seriously though FLA has those lame party registration restrictions and they are about the most restrictive in the nation. I guess this is to protect the super-big senior citizen population that spends all the money in the suburban FLA economy. Voting there in general is very exclusionary for a reason. Oh, and then you got Jeb Bush. Yeah, this state's voting apparatus is pretty much the #1 anti-Ron Paul in the United States.

It didn't surprise me because it wasn't the GOP state convention

it was the Republican Liberty Caucus convention. The state convention was earlier in the year. Romney won their straw poll.

Hope all the DP'ers in

Hope all the DP'ers in attendance keep us posted

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not sure how you got the impression CA was unorganized

as content had been posted about the straw poll more than a month ago...you can't count on ppl reading DP every day. Some ppl are just going to be out of the loop.

Yes, I was out of the loop concerning California.

I thought if it was really happening there, I would have seen more activity on this site. Please know, I'm not complaining at all. You folks did a great job. Now I just hope Florida is going to do the same.

Also, we had a lot of Californians at LPAC that wknd & the ones I talked with didn't know anything about the poll.

This could be really big for Paul

Perry is going all in on this one, since the TX straw poll was scuttled. Bachmann and Romney are not making it a priority. The senior population, and the young alike ought to embrace a seasoned Ron Paul. You would think that they've seen there share of slick talking politicians. If Paul can bloody Rick Perry's nose here and now, the media will be forced to cover. Come on Florida!

alan laney

Mid Teens

This is my guess: 16% for Ron Paul

Remember 25% goes to insiders. My area is bringing a little under 1% of the vote.

Our biggest area of disadvantage is the smaller counties. Many of the larger areas have had decent numbers.

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