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Bachman - dead meat. See photo.

Campaigns tend to avoid photo shots that will either make their candidate look silly (think John Kerry in the space suit in 2004) or feed a narrative. The shot of Michele Bachmann walking amid the dead meat was perhaps not ideal.

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Thought this might be a serious thread.

Like Bachmann shaking hands with the WRONG person, but whatever.

Besides the cute analogy, this is just a joke. Just like Salin Palin being interviewed on TV at a turkey slaughter house while turkeys were being slaughtered behind her. Like what, people really have an objection to meat being provided to them? I mean it's very cute and all, but it's just a nothing joke.

mmmmmm STEAK!

to bad it's probably some industrial sized slaughter house full of steroided/hormoned freak beef.

I'll keep my grass fed longhorn.

got me.

the picture wasn't what i was expecting after reading the title.

The first thing

I thought of when I saw this was that this was definitely a dukakis moment. All she needs is a cleaver and some safety glasses.

What's the problem with this.

What's the problem with this? Meat packing is an important industry in Iowa.

Yes, Bachmann is done, but let's not be as arrogant as Politico.

Paul ante portas.

You know, you're right.

Of all the candidates, she has been taking the good doctors lines the most. Hopefully, she will be principled and throw her support to him once she bows out.