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A brand new backer asked me to post this for her.

Dear Mr. Paul,

I have only been listening and watching you for a while now.
I watch and listen to you every chance I get. I feel you are the most gifted American man in politics I have ever heard. I will definitely vote for you in the coming election and look forward to more debates and talks from you in the future.

Thanks so much for your help in restoring my faith in humanity. Unfortunately I cannot contribute monetarily at this time but hope to in the near future however I will encourage others to listen to your message and vote for you and ask them to encourage others to do so as well.

You make me proud to be a thinking American.

God bless you,

Ann C. Tucson, AZ.

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Ann, Welcome! You can help

Welcome! You can help out other in ways then financial. Take time and do Dr. Pauls phone bank. and the most IMPORTANT thing you can do is to become a State Delegate for Ron Paul.

Voting is nice, but have to become DELEGATE first

Remind your friend that we can only vote for Dr. Paul if he becomes the nominee. We all have to go through our local DELEGATE processes first, well before election time.
Great story!

Holy Cow

It has its own topic

So why are you posting it here?

why not... maybe some have

why not... maybe some have not seen it like me :)


I had not seen it.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

That's so touching.

And sweet. I hope she sends it to RP.
Money isn't everything - what your friend outlined doing is what the money attempts to achieve anyway. :)


I ran into an good friend from back in the day this last weekend and he mentioned something about worthless fed notes and I asked him "So you like Ron Paul?" He got so excited and was saying he wanted to do everything he can for him this election. Chalk up another vote!

One person at a time.

THIS IS HOW WE WILL WIN. It seems everyday at least a small percentage of people here, and on other forums, and social sites open the eyes of somebody they know or just met. The exponential growth to Paul's support isn't and shouldn't be surprising. Think about the math here, we'll go with the number of paul supporters on facebook. 500k if each of these people manage to grab 3 more voters and open their eyes to paul every month until the election, which is in what like 4-5 months ? and each of the new recruits, gets at least two people on their own... the number will be staggering overtime. just with the simple math , 500,000x 3 x 5 =y , y x 2= Z so lets do the math. 1.500.000 x 5 = 7.5 million x 2 = 15 million. THAT is quite the number.


I do not trust the voting system we are using. Until we have a handle on this fraud, we haven't got a prayer.

Most excellent...

Be sure and tell her that telling others about the Good Doctor, bumper stickers, etc. are as important or more important than money! :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

thank you fo posting this.

Very encouraging.

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Thank you for speaking your

Thank you for speaking your mind, Ann.

Please continue to do so, everywhere you go!