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Restore America Ron Paul Commercial idea

I like Ron Paul's "Restore America" campaign slogan (not super crazy about the "Now" part). I think that is what people want. They've been voting that way for the last 5 years. I think he needs to use his campaign slogan more. I think one way to do it is by using it in a commercial or a series of commercials. I am not the most creative person and I do not have very good capabilities with making these kinds of things, but I here is my idea for a commercial.

The commercial can be in segments.

The first segment could be "Restore American Prosperity" followed by how Ron Paul intends on doing that, or a clip of Joe in the Morning being blown away by Ron Paul's housing bubble warning from 2003 or so.

The second segment could be "Restore American Freedom" again followed by Ron Paul's plan or some clips related to this.

Another segment could be "Restore the American Constitution" followed by some facts that he is has the best voting record consistent with the Constitution.

Perhaps there are some other segments that could be added, though timing would be tight. Perhaps Restore America's Friendship with the World (or something on foreign policy).

Then at the end it can have Ron Paul saying, "Help me restore America now. Vote Ron Paul for President" (or something of that nature).

I think something like this can attract people to Ron Paul's campaign. The more concrete it is about what President Paul will do (or at least what his exact agenda will be), the better. Perhaps throwing in outside commentary like Joe in the Morning or some reference to an organization that scores legislators on consistency with the Constitution could be good too.

Anyway, I just got this idea, and thought I might throw it out there. People need to know who Ron Paul is. I think this is one way to achieve that goal.

Oh yeah, and I suppose Restore Sound Money should be one too!

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