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Boycotting the Media

Great idea from a FB posting:

All this talk about boycotting the Main stream media. Let me tell you something I worked in Radio for CBS RADIO , I know how the media works, you can boycott them all you want but the bottom line is they are going to bend the truth and set their own agenda how they wish. The ONLY WAY to get at the media is to go after their advertisers. So if you are watching Hannity or Cafferty or whoever and they say something you don't like or you think they are being dishonest .What you do is wait until the commercial break and write down on a piece of paper every sponsor that airs a commercial then you write them and tell them as long as they continue to sponsor liars you will never buy their product again... Believe me people this is the way!

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I agree: Boycotting the media itself is not the answer. However, this topic has already been addressed and a program set up ==> http://www.dailypaul.com/165850/ending-the-media-prejudice-a.... Unfortunately, it seems like this project has been terminated, since our last organized sponsor-contacting blitz was months ago. My guess is that this sort of thing is already happening on its own in a disorganized, organic manner--and likely a reason why the sponsor-boycott program has ended. Also, it didn't sound like too many were interested when DPer KurtA first started to organize the project.

or play ball

you could just pay them to report what you tell them to. I think this is the infotainment media's standard operating procedure.